Baby pigtails

Baby hair is always interesting, because every day a small miracle wants to look perfect and dictates its own beauty conditions.

Modern children really know what they want. Many girls already, being at the age of 2-3 years, can indicate their preferences. And, of course, one of the most beautiful and fascinating hairstyles for children are pigtails. And today we will talk about children’s pigtails, and also show how to create original hairstyles with their own hands!

The secrets of shaping a beautiful pigtail are to create original hairstyles, decorating them with stylish accessories. Indeed, today it is impossible to imagine a festive hairstyle without a fashion accessory. Stylish hair ornaments make the image more vivid and memorable. Let’s discuss the most fashionable pigtails for children of our time and talk about how to create them yourself, with your own hands!

Baby pigtails

French pigtail “waterfall”

A hairstyle in the style of the “French waterfall” is loved by many girls. It creates a romantic and playful childish image. This is an ideal summer hairstyle that does not require additional accessories, but does not exclude them. If you want to create a hairstyle in the style of a French waterfall, see instruction here . We have already discussed the techniques of creating this fashionable hairstyle more than once. She’s really exciting! What is a French waterfall style hairstyle?

It’s a pigtail that is braided around the head, but its distinctive feature is that the braid is braided on loose hair. If you like free romantic hairstyles, be sure to try to braid them to your child. By the way, the French pigtail can be braided with ribbons or form beautiful bows as an ornament!

Baby pigtails

Baby Pigtails: Heart

Hairstyles in the style of “heart” are very popular among children. In particular, many mothers prefer to create original pigtails in the form of one or more hearts. Such braids are braided with the help of weaving in the style of spikelets, during which, the lateral strands are attached to the main weaving. So there is a classical interweaving of hair. Strictly speaking, braids in the form of hearts are very often accompanied by such decor elements as ribbons, bows, etc. Weave them quite simply, all you need is a video instruction and a little patience.

Baby pigtails

Pigtail on two sides: a school version!

Create side pigtails it was always fashionable on children’s hair. Probably, you yourself remember how mothers did beautiful haircuts with side scythes and decorated them with bows. Since that time, the trends in the world of hair have changed, but the school pigtails have remained the same. To refresh the technique of weaving, stylists recommend other options. So, for example, today it is fashionable to create on the children’s hair not tight weave, but quite the contrary, free. To achieve the effect of three-dimensional braids can be done by pulling strands. Initially, you braid the pigtails on the sides, and then pull out the individual side strands with your fingers to make the braid larger. The result is fixed with a hairspray, easy fixation. And you can braid braids with the help of weaving in the style of “fish tail”, complement them with ribbons, hoops, etc.

Baby pigtails

Trendy version: braid + bundle

Very many girls tend to look like adults, which is why they like adult hairstyles. In particular, we are talking about such a fashionable variant of laying, as a pigtail with a bundle. Moreover, it is possible to form such packing by various methods. So, for example, many stylists recommend using for this purpose weaving in the style of the French braid (spikelet), with the addition of side strands. But let’s initially designate what a hairstyle should be!

Baby pigtails

Option 1: high hairstyle with a scythe on the back of the head

A hairstyle with a scythe on the back of the head assumes that the hair weaving will be carried out from the hairline at the neck. It is important to tightly weave the hair up to the vertex, and then collect the bundle from the hair. This hairstyle is perfect for active children.

Option 2: hairstyle with a pigtail on side strands

The hairstyle with lateral pigtails also looks original and stylish, and it’s very easy to create it. Pigtails can be braided using the French braid method, or make ordinary pigtails in three strands. This hairstyle is perfect for school.

Baby pigtails

Piglet in the style of a dragon: in the center of the head

To create a spit in the center of the head this year, style specialists are recommended with the help of weaving in the style of an inverted French braid. This hairstyle looks very stylish and allows you to form a cute childish image. Why was it named after the dragon?

The braid is visually reminiscent of the dragon’s ridge, and the larger the braid, the more pronounced the ridge.
Well, that’s all, we wish you fashionable hairstyles and good mood!

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Baby pigtails

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