Braiding braids for girls

Weaving braids, probably the most fascinating haircut, which has a lot of guises. Today it is fashionable to create complex weaving along with light pigtails.

Well, we’ll talk about how to create original pigtails for girls. And it’s about the most beautiful and relevant weaving for children’s hair.

Today, stylists offer a variety of pigtails, which surprise with their originality and beauty. Let’s discuss the brightest options that you can create at home.

Braiding braids for girls

Weaving braids for girls on short hair

Many mothers believe that it is impossible to collect pigtails on short hair. Stylists are sure that short hair is just for this hairstyle. After all, children’s hair is very sensitive and the longer the hair, the more stress on the roots. So, short hair is just for complex hairstyles. In addition, the child is more comfortable with them. Here are some simple plaits that you can create at home.

Braiding braids for girls

Weaving braids on the bangs

Ponytail on the bangs – an excellent hairstyle for girls of all ages. To make the hairstyle look more original, the stylists recommend to complement it with ribbons and other accessories for the hair. How to create?
To create such a hairstyle is very simple with the help of braiding of spikelets. This weaving involves the usual braid in three strands, gradually joining the side strands. This braid looks very stylish and perfectly suited for everyday hairstyles. In addition, the braid on the bang allows you to fix the hair so that they do not interfere with the child. Another stylish hairstyle!

Braiding braids for girls

Piglet around the head

On short hair, you can create a braid around your head. It is also recommended to use the weaving of spikelets. On short hair weaving the spikelet looks very beautiful. In addition, to create a circular braid on short hair is possible only with the help of a spikelet. For a holiday hairstyle, use tape for hair from silk, pearls, etc.

Weaving braids for girls on long hair

Long hair in a child looks especially luxurious. In addition, for long hair, there are many options for stylish hairstyles. Take at least a styling in the style of a side braid, which this year becomes the main trend of the season!

Braiding braids for girls

Pigtail basket

A braid is a circular braid that forms two or more circles. At the same time, with the help of braiding of spikelet weave all the hair, and the tip of the strands is fixed with hairpins.
The braid-basket is great for long hair, it allows you to create a complex image that attracts the attention of others.

Braiding braids for girls

Ponytail on the side

Braiding braids for girls  To create a scythe on the side today is not just fashionable, but ultra-popular! Kosychka on its side is familiar to us from childhood and today it again becomes popular, both among children and adults. The side braids are very diverse, and in order to choose the weave, you should learn a lot of techniques. It can be pigtail in style fish tail or a scythe in 5-th, 6-th strands, the French braid of spikes, etc.

In any case, it is important to remember that modern pigtails assume an additional volume. So, it is important to create three-dimensional side braids. You can create additional volume with ease. All you need to do is to pull the pigtail with your hands after the weaving is completed. Just tighten each strand. The effect can be fixed with a hair spray.


Piglet in the form of a heart is a great option for every day. This weaving is great for children, and it can be created with weaving of spikelets. In this case, the hair is divided into two parts, from one part they braid the braid in the form of a semicircle and fix it with an elastic band. The same is done on the other side.

Braiding braids for girls

After this, the hair is joined in a ponytail, the original hairdo from the braid is obtained.

Braiding braids for girls on medium hair

There are many braids for medium length hair, here are a few of them!


The braid in the style of the dragon looks very beautiful and childishly naive. Twist it around the center of the head, forming a bouquets. Weaving is an inverted French braid.


Piglets can be created using a variety of methods. So, for example, you can create a pigtail-beam in the center of the head, and you can make a double bundle , on both sides of the head, forming “horns”.

Weaving braids for girls with ribbons

Weaving with ribbons is especially good, as it is ideal for a solemn hairstyle. All you need to do is to pick up the ribbon and attach it to one of the strands of hair with a knot.

Braiding braids for girls

Braiding braids for girls is an exciting activity that requires not only patience, but also practice. Do not despair, because today there are a lot of video lessons and we suggest you look the most relevant of them !!

Braiding braids for girls
As you can see, even the most complex weaving can be created at home!

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Braiding braids for girls

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