Crown with elongated locks

Hairstyle with an elongation very fashionable in the new season. This trend was also supported by the stars. This hairstyle can be seen in Rihanna, Victoria Beckham and other stars.

Crown with elongated locks  By itself, a squaring cut with an extension suggests long front strands of hair, shortened from behind.

Cutting the square with the extension became popular thanks to the singer, and today also to the designer, Victoria Beckham.

The star is experimenting with joy to find the perfect image. Just a couple of years ago, Victoria had time to show us the different interpretations of the haircut bob.

The girl was not once seen with a short bean, a long bean with an extension, and an asymmetrical bean. All these hairstyles are incredibly beautiful and go to most women. A little later, with this fashionable haircut was noticed and Paris Hilton.

The secular lioness chose for her image an elongated bean. This blonde and today notes that this was one of the best hairstyles in her life.

However, times go and trends change. Today, most celebrities prefer the Swift “new bean”, which implies graduation.

Graduated square with elongation or a modern bean – this haircut, which is performed under a certain degree, that is, at an angle of inclination.

Graduation is also used in the case of shearing cascades. In fact, this technique of hair modeling is a zonal division of strands, for long and short.

Crown with elongated locks  Thus, the hairdresser creates a wide variety of hairstyles, including asymmetrical models of haircuts.

Graduated quads with elongation mean short hair in the nape of the neck and elongated – in the face area. Creation of haircuts takes place in several stages, where the hairdresser cuts hair with thinning scissors at a certain angle, thus forming a multi-stage haircut.

In fact, the result of the haircut will depend only on the professionalism of the master.

About how the process of forming the cutting of the square with the elongation occurs, you can look below on the video. Hairstyle Bob-kara with lengthening is a more popular option among young people. This is a modern haircut, which became very popular just a few years ago.

One of the brightest celebrities who tried on a bob haircut was the young pop star Rihanna. The singer repeatedly appeared in public with a hairdo short bean, and always looked unique. And the whole point is that the bob with elongation is easy to stack, using special forceps to create a hairstyle.

Crown with elongated locks

Crown with elongated locks  So, for example, you can create a voluminous styling using a diffuser. In addition, stylists recommend to use for romantic hairstyles thermo-forceps with a triple base, which allows you to create curls of various widths at once.

Another hairstyle, which is worth paying attention to this square on the leg with elongation.

This laying involves very short hair on the back of the head, visually such a haircut resembles a fungus. With this laying, the well-known actress of the series “Desperate Housewives” Eva Longoria was seen.

The star admits that on her part it was reckless to challenge the fashion trends.

Eve did not like her hair very much, nor did her fashionable critics. Today, the star prefers mid-length hairstyles. Kare for lengthening With a bang Great for correcting the face shape.

This is a hairstyle that is simply created for owners of an oval and round face.

It is also welcomed as a straight fringe-brush, and oblique asymmetrical bangs.

The square with the elongation makes the round face shape visually already. This season, the fashion includes long oblique bangs, do not miss the fashion trend!

Stacking the square for elongation

Stacking the square is very simple. Here you can choose a pair of basic hairstyles. For example, the smooth laying of the quads implies the straightening of the hair with an iron, making the hair beautifully laid on each other and looking incredibly well-groomed.

To this hairstyle, you can add ultralusk, with the help of special sprays.

For those who like to create romantic hairstyles, we suggest paying attention to the styling of “small curls”, which can be created with ironing.

If you have a haircut, you probably think that evening hairstyles for quads do not exist. But no, if the hair is properly laid, you get a good haircut.

When stacking a graded square, special attention is paid to the giving of a root volume. Using the modeling comb, the tips of the hair can be turned upside down or up, according to your desire. After that, you can make a small strand of strands, and fix the hair with a varnish.

Well, what are not the evening hairstyles for quads? Especially because this hair style is suitable for any hair. The main thing is to keep clear lines, and there are no sticking out strands anywhere. If the hair is wavy, then the hairstyle will have the maximum volume, which looks very nice.

Who knows, maybe this is the hairstyle that will help you find that individual image that you have been looking for.

How to cut quads for lengthening, video from Toni & Guy Academy Hong Kong

Hairstyle graded bean. Video from TOMSKOU.DK

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Crown with elongated locks

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