Fungal Scalp Infection

The infections that occur in the scalp are unfortunately caused by fungi, and this problem is called tinea scalp.

We are not free from suffering from these types of diseases that affect our scalp. They can be produced by contagion from one person to another by the use of little clean items, you can also mention the immune system recontra low, this allows easy to make the infection and spread is much easier, because having the low defense we are much more prone to suffer this deficiency in the scalp.

Unfortunately, we are not free to contract these infections, but as far as possible we can do what is necessary to prevent it, being very careful not to use elements that have been used by other people, following cleanliness guidelines, educating our children not to use combs, hooks, or others that belong to people other than them.

Who Can Have More Of This Evil?

Fungal Scalp Infection

Children are much more likely to get this terrible disease that affects the scalp. According to studies, this illness can affect you from the period of lactation to your school age. Evil spreads via contagion from child to child. It is not very common to see this infection in adults. Keep in mind that animals are also a carrier of this type of fungus that affect the scalp, and the child to be in contact with your pet can contract this disease and be the carrier of infection for other children.

Let’s analyze the symptoms so that you can identify if you suffer from this infection
Fungal Scalp Infection

This infection on the scalp can affect all or part of it. The zones that present this infection are characterized by:

  • The hair comes off little by little, and in its place there is an open space free of hair where we can see white spots.
  • It shows areas of skin that may be red, swollen or inflamed.
  • You can see ulcers loaded with pus.
  • To this is added the constant itching in this area that contains the infection
  • It is sometimes these injuries can have a greater infection caused by bacteria.
  • It is likely that in extreme cases of infection, it can expand to the areas of the face and body, due to handling in the case of itching, and with the untidy hands will take the face and body.
  • In some cases we can observe fever, headache and even vomiting.

How to Proceed at Home in the Face of this Disease

Unfortunately, due to the complexity of the infection on the scalp, it is almost impossible to take a treatment from home. Once this painful event has happened, it is recommended go as soon as possible to the specialist doctor who will take the respective analyzes, make the diagnosis and evolution of the disease and may prescribe a certain treatment that will end this evil.

While this process lasts, we must isolate the patient from contact with the animals.

Exams And Tests To Give A Diagnosis.

At first glance it is not easy to give a verdict on the type of infection that our scalp suffers, to give an exact diagnosis the treating doctor performs a scraping or rubbing of the affected area with a gauze and submits it to laboratory tests. It will be observed in the microscope and a culture will be carried out.

Treatment We Should Use To Eliminate This Infection in the Scalp

To treat this type of infection called ringworm we must do fighting the microorganism both inside and outside the individual, for which, you must ingest drugs orally, this, so that the effect of the drug penetrates internally in the hair follicle next to treatments Topical by means of the application of creams recommended for this evil, will produce expected effects to combat and put an end to this evil.

The medications frequently used are terbinafine, itraconazole, etc. In some cases the use of corticosteroids is necessary. If necessary, both corticosteroids and antibiotics can be used.

The treatment has a approximate period of four to eight weeks depending on the complexity of the infection and the reaction of fungi to the medicine.

We can not prevent our children from contracting any of these infections on the skin and scalp, because by their very nature they are much more prone and in close contact with animals. In the event that this illness is inevitable and present in our children or other people we must go to the specialist doctor to diagnose the disease and can prescribe the medications that are required to combat these problems to the scalp. Perform the treatment according to the recommendations of the treating doctor, bear in mind that the healing process will take some time, due to the constancy in the use of the drugs, the type of infection and the kind of fungus that has affected this part of the skin.

Did you know about this type of infection to the scalp? What would be your reaction if a member of your family contracts this evil? Tell us about your reaction.

Fungal Scalp Infection

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