Gray-haired at a young age

Both women and men watch with the same attention the color of their hair – whether there is gray hair. After all, graying, as well as the appearance of the first wrinkles, is often associated with the approach of old age.
This natural process usually begins about 35 years, when separate gray hairs appear and is increased by 50-55 years. But, what if the graying occurs earlier – in 30 years, when there are individual gray strands, and in 40 – gray hair? Why do hair turn gray at an early age?

One of the causes of early graying is heredity. In this case, you can turn gray even up to 20 years. If one of the parents becomes gray at an early age, then, most likely, the same will happen to you. It is difficult to change anything here.

Why do hair grow gray at an early age, if there is no predisposition?

The reasons for this are frequent stresses and nervous shocks. With constant stress in the body in large quantities, adrenaline is produced, which has a vasoconstrictive effect. This leads to a spasm of the artery near the hair bulb, the power of the hair is disturbed, which leads to its death or color change, tk. the pigment that stains the hair ceases to be produced.

Early graying can provoke a serious long illness. For example, scientists believe that a viral disease, like cytomegalovirus, leads to early gray hair. Diseases of the thyroid gland, herpes, erysipelatous inflammation, kidney disease can also cause. Some drugs, such as, for example, chloroquine, hydroquinone – enemies of hair color.

Gray-haired at a young age  Recently, American scientists have established a link between a lack of calcium in the body and early graying. Deficiency of this mineral has a bad effect on bone tissue, nails, hair and the general condition of the body. Remember that the rate of calcium intake per day is approximately 830 mg or 1.5 liters of milk per day.

Malnutrition and bad habits are the reasons why hair grows gray at an early age. Abuse of alcohol, coffee, lack of fish and vegetables in the diet, chronic fatigue and a lack of vitamins can lead to graying. Strict diets are a factor provoking early gray hair.

Of course, this is an unpleasant problem, but fortunately it does not mean that the body has grown old. Curing early gray hair is difficult, it can be prevented by carefully treating your health.
Aging is a natural process, which is hardly surprising in anyone: it has been so since the creation of the world. But, when a person withers ahead of time, this can not but disturb. Geriatrics at a young age, how to avoid it?

By what signs can you find out that the body began to age prematurely. First of all, it is the appearance and condition of the organism as a whole. If you are worried about how your hair, nails, skin (tone is reduced, many wrinkles) or you quickly get tired, do not sleep well, you need to see a doctor and establish the reasons. They can be external and internal.
External causes that affect this process: life in an ecologically unfavorable region, work in harmful production, constant ionizing radiation (radiation), and prolonged stress.
To avoid early aging for these reasons, try to eliminate them as far as possible and improve the quality of life.
Internal risk factors include: genetic predisposition, high blood pressure, hormonal disorders and early menopause, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disorders.

Geriatrics at a young age, how to avoid it?

Remember that heredity is not always a verdict. Knowing about the diseases of your next of kin, take care to avoid them with the help of prevention. Every year, undergo a complete examination of the body and in the event of any deviations necessarily correct them. Since the causes of aging are manifold, and there is no single “youth elixir”, the physician will prescribe an individual treatment: if this is a metabolic disorder, then a special diet is prescribed, if the case is hormonal disorders, then hormone therapy, etc.

The lifestyle is not the last place in the question – geriatrics at a young age, how to avoid it. Proper nutrition, including vitamins and minerals (antioxidants), physical and mental activity, optimistic mood, a good rest – all this will help to stay young for longer. And for women it is also a complex of cosmetic procedures: skin care, hair, massage and spa activities.
Listen to your body and take care of it, and it will “repay” you with health, youth and beauty!

Gray-haired at a young age

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