Hair coloring: color wash

It often happens that acquiring this or that shade of hair, we understand that it does not suit us at all.

Hair coloring: color wash  The first thought that comes to our minds is how to wash away the miracle paint from the hair?

How to return the natural color of hair, as well as how to choose the right means for washing paint, – in today’s article.

Today, one of the most common procedures for cleaning hair from unwanted paint, as well as stains and any shade of hair, is pickling. Translated from the French language, “cheveux décapage” sounds like “cleaning hair.”

Decaporation is an effective method that allows you to completely remove paint residues from the hair, interacting with the artificial pigment, without touching the natural.

Often, the procedure is carried out if the shade does not fit and requires additional hair coloring. Many women also seek to return the natural color of hair. Remember, hair coloring works fine only if the hair has been painted a few times.

Types of hair coloring

Decaporation of hair conditionally divided into superficial and deep.

Surface pickling hair is a procedure to remove a particular shade of hair, which does not provide for the use of chemical. oxidizer. This type of cleaning hair from the paint is carried out in the event that you have dyed your hair for the first time. As a rule, superficial hair removal is carried out, if the procedure was carried out toning hair . In this case, the coloring pigment only envelops the hair, giving them a certain shade. Accordingly, it is possible to use means for surface cleaning, which does not require the penetration of the active composition deep into the hair.

Deep pickling hair is carried out in the event that the hair was stained with a persistent dye. This option is ideally suited for acidic decoction, which removes the coloring pigment, without affecting the natural shade of hair, or breaks it into several shades.

How is the hair removal procedure performed?

To begin with, the expert prepares the hair for applying the active compound, then applies a cleanser for the hair from the base shade and distributes it evenly over the entire length of the hair. The procedure lasts about 1 hour, and then the protective composition is applied to the cleansed hair, which allows to hide the damage to the hair from chemical cleaning and makes the hair more beautiful.

Remember, when carrying out the procedure for pickling hair, the natural shade may not recover completely. If you plan to re-color hair, choose shades of two or three shades lighter to get the proper hair color. In addition, remember that if you perform the procedure for pickling hair at home, there may be a violation of the process and hair will become too dark.

And although today many cosmetic brands offer a means for pickling hair at home, it is advisable to carry out the procedure in the salon. In particular, this is due to possible health risks. After all, as we said earlier, more than 60% of chemicals can penetrate the skin into the body and cause toxic poisoning. It is not ruled out that the allergic reaction to this or that drug is also excluded.

Remember your health, trust serious procedures only for professionals!

What means are used for hair coloring?

The most common option for today:

L’Oreal Professionnel Efassor pouches for surface and deep cleansing of hair (offered in conjunction with an oxidizer). Gently cleanses the hair, provides for the possibility of hair cleansing at home. After applying the tool it is desirable to use the mask of the same line L’Oreal Professionnel.

Hair coloring: color wash

SELECTIVE Professional «Oxy Reload – a remover for cosmetic dyes with an oxidizer, allowing for deep hair cleansing. Effectively removes the residue of the dye without damaging the natural pigment of the hair.

DIKSON REMOVER – means for deep cleaning of hair, effectively copes with all kinds of dyes, does not injure hair. Proposed in conjunction with a protective means of for hair. It is intended for salon dressing of hair.

On average, the procedure for pickling hair takes no more than 1 hour, its cost varies from $ 50 to $ 400, depending on the complexity of the work and the means for carrying out hair removal from the paint. After these “chemical steps” it is very important to use moisturizing hair creams.

The hairdresser will advise you the best means for moisturizing and restoring the hair, but remember, natural masks based on organic oils it’s always relevant!


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Hair coloring: color wash

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