Hair coloring with henna: solutions

Active dyes, which imply a complex chemical structure, are now gradually receding into the background.

Hair coloring with henna: solutions  Many women seek not only to lead a healthy lifestyle, but also to look after themselves with natural means.

However, such a process as dyeing hair becomes more laborious, because natural dyes last longer on the hair, and also wash away faster.

However, today we are not afraid of such problems, which you will not do for the sake of beauty, and most importantly – health. Let’s discuss the most natural natural hair dye, which not only stains strands, but also makes them shiny and healthy. It’s about henna and basma.

Henna is a natural hair dye, which is obtained from the leaves of the laussonia plant. Produced in India and China by drying the leaves of the plant, and in the aftermath of their grinding to a powdery state. Henna for retail sales, as a rule, is compressed and sold in vacuum packaging, as the powder quickly deteriorates.

Flowers of lavsonia are used for obtaining essential oil. In addition, from the leaves of Lavonia make a liquid paint, which you can paint the body. Typically, for this use the top leaves of the bush. Henna is used for hair coloring in a red and copper color, and also is used as a means of treating dandruff. In addition, the plant is able to improve the structure of the hair, make the strands stronger and restore their vitality.

Henna is mixed with basma to obtain a variety of shades of paint.
Basma is a gray-green powder, which is obtained from indigo leaves (a plant that grows in tropical countries).

In India, indigo is used to produce a natural dye of blue color, which is used for dyeing fabrics. He is unusually persistent. Basma is used for dyeing hair in dark colors. We’re talking about dark chestnut, black, black and blue. The basma contains tannic substances that positively influence the scalp, stimulate metabolic processes in the hair bulb, and strengthen the strands and give them shine. Can be used in conjunction with henna, to obtain a variety of shades. Stains gray hair. The effect remains for several weeks.

Both henna and basma contain essential oils essential for the health of hair, which give them a healthy shine. Besides natural Eastern plants contain unique components that block the harmful effects of sunlight. Hair coloring with henna: solutions

How to get a shade?

• Black color
To obtain a saturated black hair color, you should use a dye in a ratio of 100%: 70% basma – 30% henna.

• Chestnut color of hair
To obtain a saturated chestnut hair color, you should apply the dye in a ratio of 100%: 50% basma – 50% henna.

• Light-brown hair color
To obtain a saturated reddish-colored hair, you should use a dye in the ratio of 100%: 30% basma – 70% henna

How to color hair with henna?

For dyeing hair you will need:

• Hair cap
• Gloves
• Henna
• Basma
• 0.5 cups of boiling water
• Essential oil
• Organic oil (optional)
• Comb to separate hair strands
• Brush for applying paint


Prepare the hair color in the desired ratio. For coloring, you need a couple of small pieces of henna, which should be crushed (if the paint in a compressed state), and then add boiling water, essential oil and organic oil.

Allow to stand for 15 minutes, and then mix thoroughly. The paint should be creamy, so it can be applied with a paintbrush. Leave the paint on the hair for 4-5 hours, and then rinse under running water.

It should be noted that the hair should be washed thoroughly with shampoo and several times until the hair is completely cleansed of the paint. Next, apply a natural balm to your hair and dry it naturally. Done!

Such staining is recommended to be performed once in two weeks. As we have already said, henna is quickly washed off, and hair loses its shine, however this is a natural staining procedure that has no analogues.

If you want to lighten the hair a little, use lemon juice paired with organic coconut oil. But if you need a chocolate shade, systematically make a hair mask from coffee beans.

For this, the grain must be crushed, and then mixed with boiling water in a 4: 1 ratio and add a little essential oil. Apply as a hair mask for 1 hour.

Henna perfectly dyed hair, and also cares for them and gives shine. This eastern “natural wonder” can save many diseases, as well as stimulate hair growth. And, of course, the undoubted advantage of this dye is its price.

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Hair coloring with henna: solutions

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