Hair Health: Exotic Hair Masks

Hair Health: Exotic Hair Masks  If this summer you are going on a trip to exotic countries, pay attention to the recipes of beauty!

  • Sacrament of India

Indian women have long since learned to restore hair with the help of head and essential oil massage. In particular, the most popular procedure was the wrapping of hair based on ginger and cloves oil.

And even here, a head marma massage is performed, which is quite capable of filling tired hair with strength and health.

  • The secrets of Hawaii

Hawaii is not only a luxury resort, but also the magic of spa centers that welcome tourists with unusual rituals and fascinate with the power of massage.

Here you can feel yourself what is head massage with aromatic oils, and also try seaweed masks and tea tree oil that not only accelerate the growth of hair, but also strengthen the roots of the hair.

  • Morocco: Beauty Recipes

Residents of Morocco to support the natural beauty of hair use clay. Moroccan clay is able to clean the hair gently, without drying the scalp. And besides this, the clay revitalizes and moisturizes the hair.

Whichever resort you choose to relax, do not miss the original beauty recipes!

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Hair Health: Exotic Hair Masks

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