Hairstyles Collected with Braids

The collected ones are very elegant hairstyles, which can make you look like a sophisticated and interesting woman.
These are mostly used for important meetings, such as a party, a marriage, an important dinner, etc.
However, if we add to these collected beautiful braids. the hairstyle will come to be potentially beautiful and attractive, thus attracting everyone’s attention.

Make these collected, it is very easy, and even more if you have the appropriate instructions like the ones that we are going to teach you next, which indicate the step by step how to recreate some lovely hairstyles collected with unique braids.

These are very interesting suggestions, which you can not fail to take advantage of, if you want to be the center of attention of any event that you have in mind to attend.

Step by step collected with beautiful braids

Cute semi-French braid with low bow

Hairstyles Collected with Braids

This delicate hairstyle is very simple to make. with steps that will not take you long to complete them, and in that way you will get this romantic and bohemian option, which is what all women are looking for today, especially those who let themselves be surrounded by fashion and trends.

Start combing your hair very well back, with your fingers take a little hair muss and pass it through all your hair, this will facilitate the braid and prevent hair from getting tangled or stuck in your fingers.
Take a section of hair on one side of the head and divide it into 3 segments, these three parts should braid normally about 2 times, then start to take hair in front and add it to the braid, you should only take hair from the section that is close to the forehead Braid until you get to the other side of the head and here is still braiding but now you must take hair from the side of the head, to reach the middle of the neck. When you are there, the braid ends regularly, that is, only with the 3 segments. Tie with a hair rubber very well.
Open the braid, pulling it from the sides so that it becomes much larger and larger. Start to roll the braid over yourself and hold it in the other half of the neck with hairpins. Make a bow shape and keep pulling to keep growing.

Hairstyle: Voluminous French braid on the side with a classic chongo

Hairstyles Collected with Braids
The chongo that is formed in this interesting hairstyle is very classic style, well structured and formal, which will make you see with a lot of poise.
The braid that complements this low bow, is bohemian, which means that it is a very relaxed and loose style.
Make the parting of hair aside and take a little hair and a Dutch braid, which is practically a French, but instead of crossing the strands from above, you must do it from below, in this way you get a more bulky. This cute braid must reach down to the head, where you must tie it very well.
With the remaining hair, make a low ponytail and tie it together with the braid. With the help of a hair donation you will create the bun, you just have to pass the pigtail through the middle of the donat and extend it through the accessory and the hair that is rolled up and finally fastened with hooks.

Hairstyle: Large braid-based bun

Hairstyles Collected with Braids

This hairstyle looks a little more uncomplicated and relaxed.
Divide the hair into four parts, two from the front of the head and two from the back, as can be seen in the photograph.
Knit these partitions in braids of 3 segments, try that these are very loose and not tight.
As we did in a previous hairstyle, open each of the braids with your fingers but be very careful that they do not get damaged.
Start wrapping braid by braid so that they are glued to the head, and make sure they are taking a beautiful shape. Do not forget to jam them very well with hair sprays. and ready, we are incredibly finished.

Hairstyle: Plaited braids with a high and casual collection

Hairstyles Collected with Braids
This look is usually more complicated, so it tends to look very original and striking.
Comb your hair back and divide it into small sections that go around the crown of the head. With each of these parts you will make small French braids attached to the scalp. Tie each one with small leagues. Comb very well the hair that is loose and fit it in a high bun or also known as chongo. The chongo, should be stuck where the braids end, this way it will help to cover the garters or rubbers that you put previously.

This hairstyle although it has a collected and braids, is something more urban, provides an ideal casual look to wear in your day to day.

Hairstyles Collected with Braids

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