Hairstyles Easy to do Step by Step for Teenagers

In the life of a teenager today there are several concerns that are accompanied by going to school, college or work, and these concerns are how we make up today or what clothes to wear but I think the most important thing is the hair we will wear. We always want to see ourselves more beautiful than others and take care of our hair that with so much effort we manage to have it beautiful.

When we reached the stage of adolescence, we underwent several changes and we began to worry about many things more like being aware if we are well groomed, if we are nice or if we are fashionable. Our hair is part of the concern of that process, since we do not know how to wear it and when to wear a hairstyle or another.

Hairstyles Easy to do Step by Step for Teenagers

These concerns are changes that we all have and now there is no problem with resolving the issue of our hair. There is a wide variety of hairstyles that we can do and very easy, for every occasion there is a hairstyle, so let’s see some that can help us to wear our hair and look beautiful.

French braid

The braids are ideal for any occasion, they can get us out of a hurry and they are easy to make, it does not take long to do it alone. To begin we take 3 strands of either side of our head, then we will knit these three strands with the help of a comb and some leagues that will help us to do it faster and ready. That’s how easy this hairstyle was.

Hairstyles Easy to do Step by Step for Teenagers

Braided cascade

The hairstyle of braided cascade, This hairstyle is very easy to do and you can wear it for a casual day, when you are invited to a party or an outing with your friends.

To make this hairstyle you have to have at hand a comb, a fine brush, fixer, garters and some accessories that you want to use to decorate your hairstyle and make it look very beautiful.

The first thing you have to do is wet your hair well, it will be easier to handle and will not get tangled between your fingers or between them. If you have a large mirror, put it in front of you that will help you a lot.

Now make some French braids to adjust and adjust them with your hair. Now that we have the three braids made, leave the one to your face and make an additional lock to have 3 strands again.

Add more hair and again take a lock and trénzalo, if you have two again performs one more, always have to stay three. Go plaiting again and again until you decide to stop. In the end you can finish with a small braid so that it is a more beautiful hairstyle.

Hairstyles Easy to do Step by Step for Teenagers

Pinned with tupe

Now the hairstyle half tail with tupe or crest , which by the way is very fashionable and looks very sexy.

The first thing you have to do is take a strand from the front of your hair, then you have to straighten it with the help of an iron, almost attaching at the end of the ironing at the tips you can make some small curls to make it look better.

Finished doing that, tie it with hooks and put a bit of fixative on it, then tie your hair with a garter or hook. The other part of the hair of your hair can be straightened or made a few waves and it will be very good.

Hairstyles Easy to do Step by Step for Teenagers

Hairstyles Easy to do Step by Step for Teenagers

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