Hairstyles Easy to Do with Leagues

Hairstyles change style every moment, these changes can be due to our mood, wanting to be nice for someone special, or simply because we felt like it. Changing hairstyle (or cut) helps to release endorphins and to feel better with ourselves. It has never happened to you that you are on the street and you see someone with a very nice hairstyle, and you want to do them too? Well do not say more … here you will learn how to comb with leagues, having incredible styles.

Hairstyles Easy to Do with Leagues  Hairstyle 1: A classic half tail

This hairstyle does not go out of style, it is practical and very easy to do. Ariana Grande has taken a lot of advantage and now it’s your turn to do it. The process is very simple, from the crown of the head, we take a large tuft of hair and put together a simple half tail, holding a small league of the color of your choice.

Tip1: If the half tail is high, the hairstyle will look vaporous.

Hairstyle 2: It’s a Girl!

Hairstyles Easy to Do with Leagues  Having girls at home is a blessing, because there is an infinity of things for them, from dresses that make us lose our sanity, to obviously hairstyles that will make us see our daughters with a lot of tenderness. We will leave you in this section a few ideas to comb your beautiful daughter.

Colitas backwards: to achieve this hairstyle separates from the front to the back of the hair, leaving free those on the sides. With small links binds in small colts every two centimeters of hair back, you will see that it is very precious.

Colitas on the side:

The same technique is performed, with the difference of placing the suspenders (and the direction of the hair) to either side, will give another look to this hairstyle. Another great subtle difference is that, instead of leaving all tails together, here they go loose at the sides.

Multiple media queue:

You can also use it if you are adult, start from the top of the head and form a very high half tail (it will be approximately just above your head) and join them with a garter, continuing to create tails from this point downwards, always joining the ends of the tail previous with the new queue. At the end you can use a hook that matches your clothes.

Hairstyles Easy to Do with Leagues

Colitas with crossing:

This is a very modern hairstyle and at the same time, tender to have in girls. First, separate from ear to ear eight strands of hair of less than the same size and attach them with some colored liguitas. While with the remaining hair from behind, forms two tails, in each tail will be the remaining hair from the strands of the front (but attentive, the eight tufts on the right will go to the tail on the left side, and the tufts that are on the left goes to the tail on the right side). Try to overlap the locks one over the other to give the appearance of fabric. With this hairstyle all the other moms will want to try it too.

Hairstyles Easy to Do with Leagues

Hill with furrows:

Part 1: This version of the common “tail” is easy to do if done correctly. First divide the hair into two parts (right and left) with a line in the middle. Taking the first segment of hair (about 2cm) starting from the forehead, forming a tail on both sides and knotting it with garters, the excess of those tails will go backwards, joining with the new tails that will form exactly behind them. Continue the process until you reach the crown, there you should hold a high tail with the remaining hair that comes from the front with a temporary tie.

Hairstyles Easy to Do with Leagues

Part 2: We have the whole back, we must do the same process that was done from the front to the high tail, but this time it will go from the neck to the tail, following the same order to make little butts on each side and with the surplus of these form new queues that will begin to rise. When you reach the top high line, you must join with another league to leave everything with an original and beautiful appearance.

Undoubtedly the leagues are good friends of the hair, there is an infinity of ideas to put them on and now it is in your hands. Be original and creative, and remember to practice a lot, because the practice is done to the teacher.

Hairstyles Easy to Do with Leagues

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