Hairstyles Easy to Make for Parties

When you have a meeting, after office or appointment that was organized the same day and you are in trouble. Well here you will find a list of easy hairstyles to make you start looking more beautiful than you already are and you will not have an excuse or more headaches for not knowing what hairstyle to wear.

Collected, braids, semi-collected, are some of the ones that you can wear that day. It may seem complicated to you but you will realize that it is one of the easy hairstyles you can do.

Diagonal braid

This hairstyle is super chic and with it you will be the sensation wherever you go.

  • Take two small tufts of the height of the ears and bring them towards the center of the head and join them with a small rubber band.
  • Now take all the rest of the hair forward and take a small tuft of hair down and divide it into three and start to braid and form a French braid but from bottom to top, take into account that you must do it diagonally directing you to finish in the little queue you made at the beginning.
  • You must add hair little by little as you go braiding.
  • When you have reached the other tail, you should do a little more braiding, approximately 3 fingers.
  • Now join the two parts with an elastic band.
  • Ready now you have an easy and fast hairstyle to make.

Hairstyles Easy to Make for Parties

Braid fishbone

This braid hairstyle is quite colorful and easy to make, it is beautiful and ideal for that special moment.

  • To make this hairstyle you must have long hair or otherwise it will not be possible to elaborate.
  • Divide the hair into two sections
  • Then take one of the divided parts and take a small lock and pass it under the other section that you divided at the beginning.
  • Take another small tuft and pass it over, which intertwine in the upper part of the initial division, place one of the small tufts on the bottom and the other on top.
  • Now keep pulling out small tufts and one goes down and the other over.
  • Repeat the procedure until you reach the end.
  • Finally hold the tip with an elastic rubber band.
  • Ready you have finished making your fishbone hairstyle.

Hairstyles Easy to Make for Parties

Five-strand braid

This hairstyle with braids is that it is not complicated at all and you p ara see beautiful.

  • Comb your hair to untangle it and it will be much easier to work with it.
  • Now divide your hair into 5 parts, it will be best to be as equal as possible.
  • With each hand you must hold two strands from the outside, leaving the center one free.
  • Now you must lock the outer braiding you must pass above having a par and then down the center, and leave that lock instead of the center.
  • Repeat the process with the other strands on the other side.
  • Repeat the procedure until you finish braiding all the hair with the same technique “above the neighbor and below the center and replace it with the”
  • When you get to the finar of the braid you must place an elastic rubber band to hold the braid.
  • You’re finished.

Hairstyles Easy to Make for Parties

Braid with side knots

This hairstyle is so easy to do that it will only take you two minutes to finish it, but when you have gained experience I assure you that you will do it in less time.

  • To start you should know that if your hair is not very long you will have to use extensions, the materials you need are a comb and a few elastic gummies, and of course your hair is very long.
  • Now you must pick up your hair to one side, it may be the one that pleases you, one day you can do it for the right side and the other for the left one, since it is so easy to do you can change it in the same day if you wish.
  • Now put an elastic band on the top of the pigtail.
  • Open a hole in the upper part of where the rubber band is located and take the whole ponytail and pass it back through the hole.
  • A few inches down you put an elastic band again and it opens a hole and passes the hair over there again, backwards.
  • Repeat these steps until you reach the end of your hair, and place a rubber band to hold it.
  • You have finished doing the hairstyle

Hairstyles Easy to Make for Parties

Double knot bow

This hairstyle is very simple to make and is ideal for any special occasion.

  • Pick up your hair in a ponytail to the height you want or that is more comfortable for you.
  • Take a strand of hair from one side and roll it over the whole ponytail, when you have almost reached the end of rolling it you should pass it in the middle of the ponytail like a knot, tense the knot dividing the ponytail and pulling sideways, due to that does not wear bras I advise you at this time to use a gel or fixative on the hair.
  • Now divide the ponytail into two halves, the first half you roll it with your hands and then make a knot with it, then pick it up and fasten it with hair hooks.
  • With the other half you must do the same and you are done with the hairstyle.

Hairstyles Easy to Make for Parties

Romantic bun

This hairstyle is super easy to make and gives a romantic personality to who wears it.

  • Pick up your hair in a ponytail, and fix it with an elastic gummie.
  • With the help of a comb you must make a division in the pigtail, close to the head.
  • Now you must turn the rest of the hair inward as if making a knot with it.
  • You must braid the tail until you reach the end and place an elastic rubber band on the tip to ensure
  • Take the end of the braid and take it up and pass it inside the rubber band that you put at the beginning, so that only the tip is inside and hidden.
  • Now you must loosen the braid with your fingers to make it look thicker.
  • Finally you just have to stretch the loop that is created towards the sides and hold it with hooks.

Hairstyles Easy to Make for Parties

Hairstyles Easy to Make for Parties

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