Hairstyles for girls video

Today, small fashionistas prefer to look modern and trendy, copying the images of Hollywood divas.

Indeed, modern children’s fashion has already gone far from stereotypes. So, today girls choose bright hairstyles and tend to look like real princesses.

Hairstyles for girls from 3 to 5 years old

Hairstyles for girls video  In 3 years, baby hair is still very sensitive to the effects of environmental factors. This means that children’s hair requires special care and hairstyles. Many mothers, braiding girls too tight braids and tails, begin to notice that the hair is rapidly falling out. The thing is that the roots of the hair of children at this age are still very weak and do not withstand serious loads.

As a result, trichologists recommend to refrain from too complex hairstyles that require elements of serious weaving, etc. Many mothers even try to create an image of a princess with short hair. This is very convenient, especially if it comes to such haircuts as a bean and a page. Add a playful note to help stylish bangs.

It can be chosen according to various criteria. For example, based on what the child prefers. So many children like direct classic bangs.
As for fashionable hairstyles, it is best to give preference to simple options. If your child has long hair, choose fashionable hair accessories that will create a stylish image that the child will enjoy. So you can add an original bandage or a hoop to the loose hair. As a festive hairstyle, stackings with curls and curls are perfect, besides, it is very easy to create such a hairstyle with the help of light curlers.

Hairstyles for girls video

Hairstyles for girls from 5 to 10 years

Hairstyles for girls video  Many girls between the ages of 5 and 10 give preference to complex hairstyles. And if we are talking about complex styling, then first of all we mean such hairstyles as braids. In fact today pigtails can be created in 10 or more strands.

Especially successful are such hairstyles look at the children’s hair. This year, stylists offer another fashionable hairstyle, which definitely will please your child. So, in a fashion hairstyles with the dismissed hair and braids enter. Take a look at the fashionable hairdo style. This is a peculiar waterfall of braids from the hair, which looks simply amazing.

To create such a hairstyle is very simple at home, because its technology is to weave a horizontal French pigtail. The technology of weaving the French pigtail is presented below, in the video. Well, we would like to note that this hairstyle is great for both children and adults. You can braid a braid with a waterfall like on straight flowing hair, or on curls. Here you decide for yourself which option suits you best.
Hairstyles for girls video  A hairstyle in the style of a dragon spit is also popular this year. Create it is very simple, because its main secret is the technique of weaving an inverted French braid. Scythe must certainly be voluminous. It passes through the center of the head, and to make the strands look more bulky, they should be slightly pulled up along the edges.
Hairstyle in the style of the bow like many girls.

This is an excellent hairstyle to diversify your image and make it more attractive. At this age it is better to create three-dimensional beautiful bows and decorate them with original accessories. And to create such a hairstyle is very simple, see for yourself, watching the video. As for fashion accessories, then the perfect solution will be bright silk ribbons and fabric bows.
So, if you have decided on the hairdo, take a look at the technology of creating the most popular styling.

Hairstyles for girls video

Hairstyles for girls from 10 to 15 years

Hairstyles for girls video  At the age of 10 to 15 years, many girls already know exactly what they want. An important role in this age is played by the influence of various subcultures. For example, recently the subculture “vanilla” is very popular, which involves pretty hairstyles, such as ponytails and beams with a volume effect and stylish accessories.

Also in the trend emo and punk style. Modern girls are very demanding about their image. This year, for example, it’s fashionable to wear long hair, and curl them in curls. A wide variety of free hairstyles are also very popular. These can be beams, tall tails and braids. By the way about braids, in the new season stylists recommend creating the majority of stitches, including pigtails, on the side. This solution allows you to create a stylish image that will be remembered by others. In the trend is also a variety of hair accessories. These are bandages and hoops, rims …

In a word, you will choose from what. Create a fashion image, experiment and you will definitely succeed.
Hairstyles for girls video

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Hairstyles for girls video

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