Hairstyles for September 1 girls

The holiday of September 1 brings happiness to many, while others consider this day the beginning of new “worries.” Ahead of the school year and new discoveries, which, at times, bring a lot of difficulties.

Whatever it was, but September 1 is a good reason to be beautiful. Many girls, and little ladies, in anxious expectation, think about what haircut to choose for this celebration. Today we would like to offer you some simple ideas that you can implement yourself, or with the help of close people.

Join, today we’ll talk about fashionable hairstyles for September 1st.

Hairstyles for September 1 for the little ones

As a rule, the majority of children’s hairdresses boils down to curls. However, today we will also discuss complex laying, which will take time to create. And the first haircut that we’ll talk about is a scythe.

You can talk a lot about braids. First of all, pigtails are an ideal option for a festive hairstyle. The braid can be braided in a variety of variations, and here are some of them.

Hairstyles for September 1 girls


Today, the braid-basket is one of the most common children’s hairstyles. This is a fashionable style that any mother can do without special efforts. The braid-basket assumes a circular weaving. In this case, you can brace two lateral braids in three locks, which will be located in the area behind the ear, and then fasten the braids around the head, using the studs.

Hairstyles for September 1 girls  Hair style braid-basket will be an excellent solution for children’s image, especially if you add white silk ribbons. Weave them into the hair very simply, for this you should add a ribbon to one of the strands of hair, tying it with a knot. Excellent hair style for September 1.

Hairstyles for September 1 girls

Thus, it turns out that one pigtail is on one side, and the other, respectively, on the other. However, a more interesting option is a spit-spike, which involves the interlacing of strands. In this case, you need to take a lock of hair at the temple and divide it into three parts, and then start weaving the spikelets, gradually weaving the hair by adding them to one of the three strands. This hairstyle looks festive, if it is supplemented with a white ribbon, for example.

There is nothing complicated, all you have to do is tie the tape to one of the strands. And then the weaving is carried out in the usual way.

Hairstyles for September 1 girls

Greek Spit

Hairstyles in the Greek style have a special magic. They look incredibly beautiful and will become an ideal hairdo for a festive occasion. Unlike other braids, the Greek weave assumes loose strands and a small fleece. To create a spit in the Greek style, lightly brush hair at the roots, and then collect the French braid in the middle of the head.

Fix the braid with a beautiful rubber band, and then lightly tighten the strands of hair, so that the braid acquires a larger volume. In addition, you can leave a few falling strands, this will make the hair more gentle.

Hairstyles for September 1 girls

Scythe “fish tail”

Piglet-style fish tail is an excellent option for September 10th. School hairstyle braid has long been certain standards. We suggest you braid two habitual pigtails on both sides of the head, but with the help of an unusual weaving. At the end of the hairstyle, add two white ribbons, woven with a bow to the ends of the braids.

Hairstyles for September 1 girls

Hairstyle Tail

A great option for a school hairstyle will be the tail. However, this hairstyle should not be too simple. Collect the hair in the tail at the very top and add a gentle bow from the silk ribbon, and the ends of the hair curl in curls. This is a playful children’s hairdo that creates a unique energy.

Hairstyles for September 1 girls

Hairstyles for the first of September for girls

If you want to create a charming image, make a choice in favor of hair curls. This charming styling is an excellent option for a festive hairstyle. You can create curls with the help of thermo-forceps, or using hair curlers. If you have long hair, it is better to give preference to thermo-curlers. In this case, the hair curlers themselves should be applied to moistened hair (foam or strong fixing spray). So, thermo-curlers can curl your hair in just a few minutes.

Hairstyles for September 1 girls

To complement the hairstyle of curls you can charming white double hoop or a beautiful tiara.

Spit on one side

A braid, braided from the side, a fashionable trend of the new season. Many celebrities make a choice in favor of the side braids. You can braid a braid with French weaving, weaving “fish tail” or spikelets.
And finally, complement your hair with small bows to support the festive theme.

Hairstyles for September 1 girls

Spit on her hair

Wearing braids on loose hair is always relevant. This hairstyle can be created on the curls, and thereby give it an extra chic. In addition, today, braids are popular on loose hair, which can be fashioned as a cascade.

Hairstyles for September 1 girls

Bundle and high stacking

Many girls prefer to create beams. This is a great option for everyday hairstyles, however, if you want to create a festive styling, we offer you some original ideas.

The first hairstyle is “spit-beam”, which is fashionable to collect on the very top. Collect the hair in the tail and create a braid. Wrap the strand of hair around the base of the braid and fix with the studs. Excellent hair style for the first school day!

Hairstyles for September 1 girls

Hairstyles for September 1 girls

Another version of a beautiful beam. Collect the hair in the tail. On a strand of hair, apply gel mousse and straighten hair with ironing. Wrap the hair around the base of the tail so that they nicely lie in the back of the head. Fasten the strand all around the perimeter with the help of pins.

Hairstyle of a bow

If you want to create an original hair styling, pay attention to the hair bow. Recently, it is very popular and not just for that. This is a creative styling that allows you to create an original hairstyle in just a few minutes.

Hairstyles for September 1 girls

To create a hair bow, you will need a hair elastic, several hairpins and a hair brush.

So, comb your hair and put them in the tail at the very top. Now fix the tail with an elastic band twice. It turns out a bunch of their hair, which should be divided into two parts and hold between them the tip of the hair. We fix it with hairpins and the bow’s hair is ready!

Hairstyles for September 1 girls

Hairstyle for September 1: curls

Many of us prefer to create a hair curls for the holidays. Of course, it can be varied. However, this year, stylists recommend paying attention to the hairstyle of large curls or angelic curls.

Curl locks will help thermo-curlers or cone-shaped curls!

Hairstyles for September 1 girls

That’s it! We wish you stylish hairstyles!

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Hairstyles for September 1 girls

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