Hairstyles of Eva Longoria

American model and actress Eva Longoria (Eva Longoria) is known in the world for her role in the series “Desperate Housewives”.

Hairstyles of Eva Longoria  The young star has just an amazing smile that hits the hearts of men at a glance. However, the way Eve to the top of Hollywood Olympus was not so cloudless.

The star went through a lot to become the idol of many people today. In today’s article, we’ll talk about how Eve manages to combine a successful career and fashion image, and also discuss the most popular hair styles. Eva Longoria was born in the small town of Corpus Christi, which is located on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

Her parents have Mexican roots, Eve has three sisters who never appear in public, like her family.

Surprisingly, all of Eve’s sisters have blonde hair and white skin, like her mother. Eve took over her father’s genes, she has dark skin and dark hair.

As a child, Eve dreamed of becoming a model, but when she grew older, it became clear that there could be no question of a modeling career. Hairstyles of Eva Longoria

The growth of the actress is 157 cm, many model agencies denied the young girl precisely for this reason. However, Eva is not one of those who are used to giving up quickly. Her family had a small income, parents could barely make ends meet, which is why Eve continued to struggle hard for her place in the world of Hollywood.

Due to her character, as well as diligence, Eva’s career began to move swiftly upwards. In 2000, she took part in the filming of the series “Beverly Hills, 90210”, and in four years she was offered to become one of the main characters of the series “Desperate Housewives”.

This role brought her not only worldwide recognition, but also made her parents take pride in their daughter.

Hairstyles of Eva Longoria  Eva immediately became the subject of discussion among fashion critics, her style was loudly discussed. And at the same time, she was invited to shoot on the covers of well-known publications, serious films, etc. The star even opened a restaurant and released her own culinary book. Unlike the role of a desperate housewife, Eva just loves cooking and admits that she has an affair with cooking. The actress also conducts an active charitable campaign, her organization “Eva’s Heroes” helps children with disabilities.

During her career, Eva has played in more than 25 full-length films, and has also become a leading reality show.

Today Eva dreams of a full-fledged family, as well as children, without whom she simply does not represent her life. Despite the fact that the actress had already married twice, both marriages were dissolved. Today Eva is focused on her career, as well as the formation of her own style.

Hairstyles of Eva Longoria

Hairstyles of Eva Longoria  In ordinary life, a young star prefers wearing practical hairstyles. Eva admits that sometimes she just does not have enough time to apply make-up and create original styling. The star is constantly on the road, she has a very busy schedule.

In life, Eve most often wears her hair loose or gathers them into a bun. The star prefers a variety of accessories, especially hats, which sometimes hide the small flaws in appearance.

Eva often happens to be seen with a hairdo tail, the star practically does not wear braids. Official events Eve always meets with a new hairstyle. Her favorite styling is curls.

She not only makes her image luxurious, but also emphasizes the origin of Eve, whom she is proud of.

Hairstyles of Eva Longoria  The actress almost always appears on the red carpet with the hairstyle “Hollywood curls”, which today is a sign of success.
However, this does not mean that the actress does not like to experiment at all.

Her closest friend, Victoria Beckham, notes that Eve always looks amazing.

Yes, and she herself admits that the secrets of her fashion image is largely due to her friend. Eva wears clothes from the Victoria Beckham line, and also prefers the bags of the young designer.

Recently Eva began to appear in public with charming tails with fleece, which she very much to face. And this is correct, from the point of stylistic data.

Contrary to her small growth, Eve always looks slim and feminine. Hairstyles of Eva Longoria

The star selects dresses according to the figure and high-heeled shoes.

Volumetric hairstyles with fleece, high beams harmoniously complete the fashion image.

The star was not once seen with a hair style in the style of “French twist”.

I must admit that this hairstyle looks quite organic on Eve’s thick hair.

The actress perfectly selects hairstyles, make-up and clothes, for which Eve can put a huge plus!

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Hairstyles of Eva Longoria

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