Handkerchief for hair

Hair bandages are popular for more than the first season. Throughout their history, they have received diverse interpretations. Many designers used metal options, others preferred fabric bandages.

Handkerchief for hair

Last year, stylists recommended us to use thin fabric hoops on an elastic band or leather models. Well, in this year, actual tissue shawls. Strictly speaking, it is quite convenient, considering that handkerchiefs are always at hand. We will talk about how to get the original image with the help of a bandage from a scarf today.
In fact, every day hairstyle with a handkerchief looks more interesting.

Today, designers practice oriental images, the main decoration of which is a scarf tied on the head. Italian couturiers see a shawl as the main accessory and recommend wearing it not only on the neck, but also on the head.

Handkerchief for hair

What handkerchiefs are in fashion?

More and more often designers say that colorful scarves with prints are relevant in the new season. These are models that can boast of colorful patterns of flowers, geometric shapes and bohemian paintings. In such accessories, there is also its charm, because they look incredibly stylish!
But monochrome models of scarves, alas, were out of fashion.
A bandage from a kerchief to the hair, how to tie?

Option 1

One of the simplest options for creating a hairstyle with a bandage is the twisting of the handkerchief. In this case, a thin handkerchief is best suited, preferably with prints. So, the handkerchief is twisted in the center, weaving its ends together. And then, gently remove the tips of the kerchief, again circled around the head, if the length allows. Next, the handkerchief is fixed using a classic knot. This solution allows you to tightly tie a headscarf around your head and simulates a turban hat, which is popular this year. Bandages in the style of a turban are fashionable to create with scarves and scarves, which is quite convenient, because you can receive such a headdress any minute, simply tied a headscarf.

Handkerchief for hair
Shawls in the form of a turban are a tribute to the oriental fashion. For several seasons in a row designers have been playing the eastern theme, setting the tone for modern trends!

Handkerchief for hair
This is an exotic and unusual headdress that allows you to feel especially!

Option 2

Short scarves. Shawls of small size are often called short. This is the most popular option for today, which means creating original hairstyles with a small bandage-bandage.
A short handkerchief is tied to a knot on the top of the head, in the bang area. So, designers recommend choosing bright shawls, which create an expressive image. But the tips of hair fashionable to expose, forming an image in style pin-up.

Handkerchief for hair

Option 3

So, when you mastered the simple techniques of creating a hairstyle with a handkerchief, we offer you new options. One of the most popular options for creating an original headdress using a handkerchief is the classic version. That’s right, our mothers and grandmothers were tied up with headscarves. In this technique, there is nothing complicated. All you need is a standard scarf made of silk, cotton, etc.

Handkerchief for hair
Initially, fold the handkerchief so that it will form a triangle.
When everything is ready, put a headscarf on the head so that a straight line runs from the side of the head, and the corner of the handkerchief lies directly on the top of the head to the bang area. Connect the two ends of the kerchief (right and left) in front of you and twist them. Tie in the back of the neck to the knot. Now, take out the tip of the kerchief that remained in the bang area, and thread it over the twisted knot. Our hat is ready and looks very original.

Option 4

We make a bow. With a handkerchief, it’s pretty simple to make a hair bandage. Strictly speaking, many stylists recommend to tie a headscarf around the head and tie it to a large bow. Such an accessory for hair today is not just a trend, it is popular among many celebrities.

Handkerchief for hair
Hair shawl and fashionable hairstyles

With the help of a hair scar, you can create a variety of stylish hairstyles. In particular, we are talking about such stylings as a bundle, a scythe, a tail, a babette, etc.
Retro hairstyles with a handkerchief look just amazing. Moreover, given that the shawl itself will be executed in an unusual style. So, this year it’s fashionable to create stylings in the style of babette, with a great fleece. In this case, the headscarf is tied around the head, forming a stylish image. Another hairstyle with which the bandage-scarf will look very organic, is the styling three-dimensional beam . Here, the handkerchief is tied directly around the bundle of hair, and it looks incredibly tempting! A bandage in the form of a handkerchief can also be tied around the head on the basis of the hairstyle of the lateral braid, which is today in a trend.
Fashionable to you hairdresses and good mood!

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Handkerchief for hair

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