How to cut the bangs

Many women get bored of being always with the same haircut, but we do not want to change the cut, so we look for a way to see ourselves completely different, for this reason we choose to cut our bangs, but if we do not want to attend the beauty salon either Because we are worried about being cut too much, the best thing you can do is cut your bangs in your own way, although you must be very careful not to cut too much, for this reason I will show you different ways to cut the bangs, I hope you like this tutorial and Help you to be more beautiful than you are.

Different Ways to Cut Your Bangs

Bangs On One Side

A fringe that is fashionable and I recommend it for women who have a big forehead is the side bangs, besides that it is a beautiful style it is also elegant, so get down to work.

How to cut the bangs

Before you start you should comb your hair perfectly, especially the part where you are going to make the fringe, then you should divide the hair laterally on the side that you like the bangs or where the hair naturally falls, remember that it is important so you can comb your bangs well.

After dividing the hair you must send forward the hair that you are going to cut, this should be done leaving 3 to 5 centimeters in the part of the head, since in this way you will be able to choose the totality of the hair that you are going to cut, of course is that everything depends on your taste, because if you do not like very thick bangs I recommend that you only leave three centimeters.

It is important that you consider the width of your bangs, usually the appropriate bangs should measure 2.5 centimeters wide. For this style of bangs I recommend that it is not too wide since it is more complicated to comb it on the side.

Before cutting your hair separates very well the hair behind you do not go to cut, the best you can do is grab it with a bow, this in order to avoid entanglement with the remaining hair.

The bangs should be straight, for this reason it is important to moisten the hair to make it much easier to cut, you can moisten it with a spray bottle and then you must comb it, but if your hair is wavy try to cut it dry since this way You will achieve the length you want.

As the fringe is half-side remember to cut laterally, so you must cut diagonally the fringe that will fall on the forehead, then in the shortest part you should leave it for the middle of the face, it is important that you have account for the length, so see cutting little by little in order to avoid cutting more than the bill.

If your fringe was mu squared give it a little life and this you do cutting the ends a bit but in parallel, be careful to cut a lot. I advise you to look for the indicated scissors with which the hairdressers make this type of cut.

Straight Bangs

Another form of bangs that is fashionable is the straight, this type of hairstyle has an advantage is that it makes us look a little younger, I really recommend it.

How to cut the bangs

To make this cut it is necessary to divide your hair, as in the previous bangs what you should do is to divide 3 or 5 centimeters in the part of the hair that you are going to cut, but you must make a kind of triangle in the part of the head where is the hair that you are going to cut.

After having separated the hair that you are going to cut it is necessary that you comb the bangs very well that you are going to cut, although before you start to divide and separate your hair the best thing you can do is to comb all your hair and with a moña to grab the hair that you are not going to use in order to avoid getting tangled up.

I advise you to moisten the hair with a spray bottle before cutting it, because when wetting it completely we can have a problem when we are going to cut, but if it is the first time you are going to make the bangs it is best to cut it with the hair dry well in this way you will be able to cut the length you really want.

As the fringe is too straight you can give it a little movement with a nice drawing and this can be done by placing the scissors in parallel and cut the ends of the bangs very carefully, since you can damage the cut.

Next I’ll leave you a video tutorial, where he explains how to cut your bangs according to the type of your face, I hope it’s your help.

I hope this article has been of great help and that you have been able to know how to make the fringe on the side and straight. Remember that it is important to separate the hair well in order to make the cut better, it is also important to have wet hair to be able to cut better.

If you have any questions or need advice, do not hesitate to contact me, I will be glad to assist you with your comments.

How to cut the bangs

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