How to Make a Heart Braid

Hairstyles With Heart-Shaped Braids

All women love to be beautiful either to go to an event or to attend the university or the office, but often due to lack of time or because of lack of hairstyles we choose to keep our hair down, but if you are looking to change a little the appearance in the day to day I recommend that you stay with us since in the following article I will show you how do hairstyles With heart-shaped braids, I recommend them and I’m sure you’ll look more beautiful than you are.

How to Make a Heart Braid

How to make heart braids?

The next hairstyle is easy to do in case you have a daughter or if a person is going to do it in your hair, but you can also do it, I advise you to practice many times in order to make your hairstyle every time more perfect
How to Make a Heart Braid

Braid 1

This braid, besides being beautiful, is also very elegant, so you can wear it to go to work or for an informal event during the night. Below I will explain step by step how to make this beautiful hairstyle.

To start you must divide the hair into two parts making a line in half, it is important that you hold with an alligator or on tweezers the area that you will not work first.

At the end of the half line, you should take a strand that is not very thick, whether it is on the left or on the right.

With this strand you should start making a braid by adding small strands but those that go forward, when you finish making this braid you should add hair from one side, that is to say those that go to the side of the forehead in order to make the braid make the curve we need.

With the braid you keep taking the hair from the edge of the face adding it to the braid.

Do not forget to grab the braid with a bow so you do not get ripped up.

Then with the other part of the hair you must do the same, it is important to take into account the hair that you must add to achieve a good braid and achieve the curve we need.

Before tying the braids it is important to brush the hair that is loose in order to avoid tangling when doing this procedure.

When you take the two braids try to make the triangle shape so that your heart is perfect and not in round shape.

Then I’ll leave a video where you explain perfectly how to make this cute hairstyle, I hope it will be of great help.

Braid 2

There is another braid in the form of a heart much easier to do, although this type of hairdo recommend it for informal events, such as going for a walk with your friends or partner on Sunday.
How to Make a Heart Braid

The semi-collected hair is very beautiful, it also gives us a much more youthful appearance, but many little women love to make a tail, as it is very simple, so I will show you the step by step of this style of hairstyle I’m sure you’ll love it, what about you.

Before starting I recommend that you have clean and brushed hair, then divide the hair in half by making a line, then you must make another horizontal line from one ear to the other

Start working with one side, remember to collect the hair with which you will not work with a gingham or alligator so it does not get tangled. Make a braid a little tight with the hair on the right side, you do not need to add hair from the sides.

At the end of the braid you must tie it with a small bow.

With the left side you must make another braid a little tight and then tie it with a garter or bow.

For the next step you must take the braid on the right and roll it sense the clock, make two turns this in order to give the rounded shape of the heart, with the other braid on the left side do the same and at the end grab the bun with small tweezers that are not noticeable, you can also add a little gel or lacquer so that the small hairs are perfect.

to finish you must join the two braids of the tips, you must take into account to make the species of a triangle in order to achieve well the termination of the heart.

Do not forget to brush the hair that is loose, if you are in summer season you can pick up the remaining hair either with a ponytail or with a small bow, everything depends on your taste.

Then I’ll leave an explanatory video to make this braid in a better way, I hope you like it and it will be of great help.

I hope this article has been of great help and that you have been able to make use of some of the hairstyles that I explained to you either for your day to day or to attend an event. Remember that you have many options to make different hairstyles and look spectacular.

If you have any questions or need advice, do not hesitate to contact me, I will be glad to assist you with your comments.

How to Make a Heart Braid

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