How to make a loop with a hair hook

Tips To Make A Bun With Hair Hook

Nowadays the use of bows is fashionable in both women and girls, but unfortunately many stores are charging expensive for this type of hair ornament, if you like the bows but do not have enough money to buy it, you I recommend that you stay with us as I will explain step by step how to make a beautiful bow with a hook so that you can see it on a day-to-day basis or when you are invited to an event, either during the day or at night.

How to make a loop with a hair hook

Before starting it is important that you choose the right color for your bow, I recommend the dark red or blue colors that are fashionable and are the most elegant to wear when we are invited to an event, but if the bow is for a small girl the best color you can choose is pink or fuchsia.

What Materials Do You Need?

Before starting you need to choose very well the fabric that you will use to make the bow, if you want a slightly elegant fabric I recommend the satin, but it is important that you always take into account the fabric of your dress in order to achieve A good combination.

How to make a loop with a hair hook

Other fabrics that you can use are cotton or linen since they are fabrics more resistant and easier to mold, it all depends on your taste and the style of bow you want to make since for big bows it is important that you choose a fabric that you can mold in a better way

The support for the bow is important, in this case I recommend a hook or buckle, as they are special to add to your hairstyle, but you can also use a headband if it is a bow for your daughter, of course for this type of I recommend that the bow is medium or small.
How to make a loop with a hair hook

Before you start you should have at your hand thread of the same color as the fabric you are going to sew or if you want two colors it is important that you choose a thread that highlights the fabric.

The scissors for cutting the fabric, a sewing machine, but if you do not have a thin needle, you can also use a silicone gun.

How to start?

After having at hand the materials that we need start cutting the fabric in the form of rectangles of 20 centimeters wide and 23 centimeters long, keep in mind that this first cut is the main one of the bow, then you must cut another rectangle of 5 centimeters and 8 centimeters in order to place it in the middle to shape the bow.
How to make a loop with a hair hook

After having these two rectangles start by folding the largest half in half, it is important that you take into account the side of the fabric since you can make the mistake of sewing the bun badly.

After folding the fabric I recommend that things long edges must join them, you can use the thin needle or the sewing machine. Do not forget to leave the short ends open as we will work later with these two parts. It is important that you always stuff the wrong side of the fabric, then you have to turn it over to start working on the bun since it can be turned upside down.

On the table you must place the fabric stretched by the right of the color, then fold in half the fabric and you must sew the open sides, this way you have a square that is with which we are going to make the bows.

Then with pins you should place them in the middle to make the fold of the bow, be careful not to sting your hand with the needle.

How to make a loop with a hair hook

Finely with a needle and thread you must sew this area to shape the bow, as the fabric is thick because of the doubles we have made, you must work with a slightly thicker needle so that you can handle it.

If you do not want to sew it, you can pass a ribbon of the same color or another tone in order to give a contrast to the bow.

To finish with the silicone gun you must apply on the back of the bow that you are going to stick on the hook or buckle, be very careful because in many occasions we can burn with hot silicone. If you do not have the silicone gun I recommend that you buy it since you can surely use it to make other crafts, besides it is not very expensive.

Remember to be careful if you are going to work with a buckle or with a plastic headband, because when you put the silicone very hot you can burn it.

How to make a loop with a hair hook

I hope this article has been of great help, and that you could have considered how to make the bow for either you or your daughter. It is important that you take into account the fabric that you are going to buy to make these bows since not all the fabrics are the most suitable for this type of crafts.

If you have any questions or need advice, do not hesitate to contact me, I will be glad to attend to your comments.

How to make a loop with a hair hook

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