How to make dark hair lighter?

The inconstancy of female nature is sung in verse, glorified in anecdotes and aphorisms! She is always ready to change.

Today she wants to be a blonde, and tomorrow – a brown-haired woman or a brunette. To become lighter or darker without the use of radical chemicals help people’s methods.

Natural remedies: how to make dark hair lighter?

One of the most famous ways to make dark hair lighter is by rinsing the decoction of chamomile. This simple plant helped our grandmothers, will help us. Pour 1 tbsp. chamomile herbs 1.5 cups of boiling water. You can hold in a water bath or wrap in a towel and insist 20 minutes.

Rinse the hair after washing. If you repeat the procedure, then in two weeks you will get lighter hair. To enhance the effect, add 3% hydrogen peroxide (50ml). After this, wash the hair with shampoo. Do lightening periodically, because Chamomile dries hair and you can not use this remedy at all times.

How to make dark hair lighter?

Honey – one of the best natural remedies that lightens hair. Wash hair with shampoo, adding a little soda (1/4 tsp). On wet hair over their entire length, apply warmed honey. Make a “bath” for the hair, wrapped them with cellophane and a towel and hold for as long as much more lightening you want (maximum 8 hours).

Lightening with a lemon. This fruit brightens the hair for a few tones. Make a solution: two lemons per liter of water. This solution should be rinsed after each wash. Follow the scalp and hair: the lemon dries and you must apply it with care, so as not to harm. For clarifying masks, lemon oil will work well.

Dark hair can be clarified with kefir. To do this, take 50 grams of fresh yogurt, egg, 2 tbsp. strong alcohol and half a lemon. Add some quality shampoo. Mix the ingredients, apply to the hair and, wrapped, keep at least 6 hours. Then rinse and apply a nourishing balm.

With the help of natural remedies, you can gently change the shade of hair, strengthen and improve your hair.

How to avoid hair loss?

Hair loss in women is a fairly common problem. Every second woman in the world is facing her. If a day falls from 20 to 100 hairs, this is a natural process of renewal. If more – it’s time to look for reasons and think about how to avoid hair loss?

To reduce the natural loss, try not to weight your hair with styling products and complex hairstyles.

The hair is poorly reflected: a constant tight braid weave, hair dye with ammonia and hydrogen peroxide and frequent perm. Doctors advise wearing caps in size, so as not to disturb blood circulation in the scalp, as well as laying the hair on a different part. Hot hair dryer and tongs overdry the hair and this leads to their fragility and loss. If you use them often, then apply thermal protective cosmetics for styling.

Try to feed your hair from the inside and out. Nourishing masks with burdock, olive and essential oils, for example, orange and lavender, balms, special shampoos – all this will improve the situation, especially in autumn and spring, when the hair is actively falling out. Products with vitamins A, C, E and minerals such as silicon and magnesium will help to cope with this problem. Massage your scalp with a special massage brush and hands.

How to avoid hair loss, if the process is intense?

It is necessary to eliminate the cause. The first reason is stress. If a woman is in constant stress or struggling with a lot of problems, it can lead to inflammation of the hair follicles and hair will stop growing. It is necessary to eliminate the causes of stress, rest more, get enough sleep, walk in the fresh air and everything will be restored.

Another reason is hormonal changes. After childbirth and with the onset of menopause, when the hormonal background changes, hair loss increases. In this time period, try to “feed” your hair with vitamins and a healthy diet.

How to avoid hair loss, if something is wrong with health?

After all, the cause may be diseases such as diabetes, anemia, thyroid disease. In such cases it is necessary to be examined by a specialist. The doctor will prescribe a course of treatment. Try to observe it, to defeat this disease or reduce its bad impact.

Our hair reacts sensitively to what is happening to us. A healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle, vitamin therapy – are very important for a dense beautiful hair. Remember that hair is not able to accumulate minerals and vitamins in reserve, so they must be fed constantly from the inside and out to avoid hair loss!

How to make dark hair lighter?

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