how to make easy collected hairstyles

Many hairstyles for women They have marked a trend in recent years, but now the ones that are causing a furore are the hairstyles collected and semi-collected, they can be done both in women with wavy and smooth hair, plus you can wear them in any celebration you go to as marriages, baptisms, or some special day with your partner to surprise you, these designs are not complicated to do, now in this article you will learn how to make these hairstyles to impact your friends and family, so take pencil and paper and aim.

how to make easy collected hairstyles

Before starting you should consider washing your hair with shampoo, warm water and dry it, then untangle it if necessary, take a brush and brush several times, now separate them in two parts and put rubbers to divide them, consider placing them in a color which look like your hair, now hold them and pass them over forming a bun, this is one of the easy hairstyles you will learn in this article to get it.

1. Easy collected hairstyles

how to make easy collected hairstyles

If you have an upcoming appointment it is very convenient that you start having ideas of possible current hairstyles to show off that special day, do not risk wearing the same hairstyle, it is better to leave the routine, you can go to a stylist but if not accounts with a lot of money it is better to do it in a homemade way, now try this to have an easy hairstyle and with braids. Follow these steps:

  • First we will divide the hair in two parts, we take the strand from the right and we wrap it until we have a braid, we do the same with the left side.
  • We will join the two parts and with the remaining hair we make a braid more, we hold it with a rubber or a rubber band, you can place colored rays in your hair to make a difference.

2. Hairstyle in the old retro style

This hairstyle is also very easy you just have to make a bow and then pick it up, you can add some products to create volume on top of your hair, so you will give contrast, you can put fringes on the back and undulate them with a hair straightener, use This artifact gently to create very light waves.

3. Hairstyle with tail

how to make easy collected hairstyles

Every woman whenever we wake up from a good dream we look at ourselves in the mirror and see as if a trailer has passed through our head, seeing us like this, even taking away the desire to go for a walk, for this problem comes the simple hairstyle with a tail. Take your hair and put it in the back, then with the help of a garter, grab it by picking up the hair and that’s it.

4. Hairstyle with waves

how to make easy collected hairstyles

This hairstyle is basically applied to women with wavy hair, it is very easy to do, just as the first hairstyle should be divided into two parts, then you should make a knot and take them with hairpins to avoid losing the design, as well You will see that you will look very pretty.

5. Hairstyle with bow

how to make easy collected hairstyles

You must make two little tails, then form the braid style and pick them up with some garters, you can go see yourself in the mirror to see if it convinces you, then form a round tail on the back of your head and tie it very well with a big garter.

6. Hairstyle with bangs

how to make easy collected hairstyles

This design can be used by women with short hair and bangs, to do it you should only make a small line on the side of your head, you must have your hair dry, first comb it towards the side of the line and then vice versa, you can add gel or some fixers.

7. Traditional hairstyle

Take a part of the hair, then a little tail forming a circle, then pass the tip through it so that it rolls up, now forms a small bow and pick it up, finally, ends up with some forks.

As you can see all these are collected hairstyles very easy to make and specifically dedicated to women who have a hard time changing their look, do not forget that you can use all these designs and see which one suits you best, try them and encourage yourself to see yourself differently, this is better to have a quick hairstyle, if our work demands a lot and we do not have time to go to the stylist, you came to the right place with these hairstyles will be the boom for your apple.

Do not think more if you are a woman who likes changes you can encourage you to try these hairstyles that I bring for you, you can give your personal touch to be unique among your friends, these hairstyles are nothing special and can serve you for save you from any hurry so I recommend you to point it close to your room or have them on hand for any situation, much is out and I hope you change your look very soon that all these tips are designed to be put into practice and not just think about them, that you have One day, greetings that women have power.

how to make easy collected hairstyles

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