How to Make Frozen Hairstyles

There is a Disney animated film that became a resounding success, and managed to steal and impact the hearts of adults and children, this film is the recently released “Frozen” family movie.

This film tells the story of a couple of sisters who were orphaned at a very young age, the main characters being Queen Elsa, the heroine of this adventure, a beautiful girl with beautiful blond hair, who always wears a long braid, and in a few cases it is observed collected with a braid crown, two styles of very delicate and romantic hairstyle and Anna the younger sister, with beautiful chestnut hair, also wears two enormous braids at the sides at one point of the film and for the coronation of her sister She wears a crown type braid over her bangs and a low bun at the back of her head.

How to Make Frozen Hairstyles

We all know that these two characters of Frozen, Elsa and Anna caused in all the girls a great sensation, and even in women of greater age. Seeing the beautiful hairstyles of both, I think girls and not so little girls have dreamed of seeing in our hair these hairstyle designs.

Let’s learn how to make the beautiful hairstyles of Anna and Elsa

If we want our girls to look like all fairy tale princesses, be it for a party with costumes or any other occasion, this hairstyle will make them look really elegant and full of style, I will show you how to do it.

First of all we will see the huge braid that takes in several scenes of the film , step by step I will show you how to do it.

We start separating two parts of hair on the side of the head at the height of the temple and make a semi-collected with the hair in the center giving volume to the hair holding this semi collected with garters, we braid this semi-collected halfway and we take on both sides, the loose hair so that we begin to braid with the loose hair of the semi-picked, in such a way that we will make a French braid and finish the hairstyle with a spike-type braid. We cut the garter with which we hold the half tail or the semi-tail and start to pull the hair out from the inside out.

How to Make Frozen Hairstyles

Second hairstyle, collected with crown-shaped braid, c We begin by taking the entire side of the hair straight to the left side and brush to this side, apply gel or water to hold it. After brushing apply sprite and we will go twisting the hair inward adding the same hair that has from behind, and so on until you finish pulling all the hair.

Once we have collected, we make a little bun with the remaining hair, hold it with hooks and finish adding another bit of sprite to seal the work.

How to Make Frozen Hairstyles

How We Do Anna’s Day-to-Day Hairstyle

How to Make Frozen Hairstyles

We divide and separate the fringe on the top and hold it with a hook separating it from the rest of the hair. Then we separate a bit of hair to the side, then we make a braid of three to the side of the hair and fasten with a garter, as we do with the other side of the hair, Anna’s braids have a lot of volume so we expand each one of them , arrange your fringe on the side and if the case you do not have it take the part of hair that we separate for the fringe, smooth up to the middle of the hair and place a part of the hair back and hide it in the braid, we fasten with hooks and ready!

Hairstyle That Anna Used For Coronation

How to Make Frozen Hairstyles

We begin by separating a section of small hair in front of the head and hold it with a hook.

Then we divide the hair in half and divide the hair on each side from above passing behind the head. then we make a division a little above the ear and hold it with a garter, place it to the side.

Then we take a small section of hair for the headband, we divide it into three and we make a false braid we add hair sections to the braid only from one side then we continue this way until at the height of the eyebrow we take a section of hair without braiding and we do it to the side, we continue braiding adding this hair that we place it to one side and to give it more volume we proceed to pull the braid so that it looks wider and we continue braiding the hair to where we started and we fastened it with an elastic band.

Then We rolled up the section of hair that we previously held , towards the right side and hold up with hooks giving the shape of the ring that has the princess to the top side of the head, pull a little of the edges so it is more volume.

Then we take the section that was left over from the braid and of the hair we bend with an elastic band, we take this part of the hair upwards and we turn inside we hold this hair with hooks to give shape.

How to Make Frozen Hairstyles

We comb the hair from the side at the height of the ears , we apply gel or sprite, we do this on both sides and then we hold all the hair with an elastic band at the height of the middle of the head. We wrap the hair that was left over and put it over the hair at the bottom, holding it with hooks so that it can not be seen, the loose sections are fastened with the hooks.

To finish the hairstyle we use green colored ribbons , we put them on a hook towards the middle of the collection and end of work.

These hairstyles can be used as both girls and not so girls, are great for any occasion, make you look elegant and a fairy tale princesses, I hope you liked it.

What hairstyle would you like to use for your special occasion? Tell me your experience

How to Make Frozen Hairstyles

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