How to make hairstyles for babies

Many mothers are desperate to make a beautiful hairstyle for their little babies and do not know what to do, so this article has the purpose that moms learn how to make a beautiful and spectacular hairstyle to their little girls, the princesses of the home, for all kinds of occasions, mentioning the measurements of the baby’s hair: short, medium, long, and also his hair type: wavy, zambo and smooth.

How to make hairstyles for babies

Next we will present you simple hairstyles , very easy and fast to make your beautiful baby look much more beautiful every time you go somewhere to walk or being at home look very pretty.

Easy Hairstyles For Small Babies …


This type of hairstyle is very common and easy to perform.

  • After what You have bathed your little girl and dried her hair, you take a comb with fine teeth to untangle it, if you want you can use a baby combing cream and untangle it slowly, then with the comb you split your hair in half, forming two loose tails
  • Then you form a Small tail of the big tail on the front right side, holding it with a pink colored band (your preference) and you separate it from the rest holding with two hair hooks so you do not lose half and the other tail loose.
  • Then in the left front you take another little hair of the same size so that you form a little tail holding it also with a rubber band of the same color on the right.
  • After to do that, we start with the right part, another tail is formed by joining it with the other tail that we have already made forming one more rectangle by putting another league over another color of your preference. Then do the same with the left side., Until you reach the necessary rectangles according to the length of your beautiful baby’s hair.

How to make hairstyles for babies


This type of hairstyle is very simple to make.

  • After untangling The hair of your little princess, as well as the first hairstyle, you take a tail from the right front of your baby and tie it with a league of the color you want.
  • Then another part front of the middle doing the same thing, and another one of the left front part differentiating from the first one that you take the first tail and the parts in such a way that you make two little butts, the little tail joins with the one in the middle, and the one in the middle it joins the one on the left forming a longest whole tail.
  • After that the little tail that subtract from the one you have left (right front tail), joins with the tail of the left front forming an “x” when you put the league and parts again that other tail joining the right tail with another tail that forms the middle , and the one on the left you also join with the middle one.
  • And finally the little tail that was left over from the first colitas joins with the last one that was left and they are curled pressing them forming a braid of two enlisted tails.

How to make hairstyles for babies


This type of hairstyle is too easy, and one of the most common that moms do to their small babies. This is done by taking tail by tail tied separately with garters one by one to fill his head with little bunches in the form of onions, and also forming small paths in the head of your little baby. Your baby will look very funny and tender with this type of hairstyle. And it’s ready! Everyone will look at your little baby with a big smile of sweetness and tenderness at the same time.

How to make hairstyles for babies


This type of hairstyles is a little more complex, but easy at the same time. First the hair is split into two colitas. You take the first tail tied with a garter, then the parts in four tails, then the first tail split in two by twisting two separate with the third, and the other with the second we did previously forming a heart and placing a garter to close it, After the fourth tail that was left before it is joined with the one that formed the heart, immediately it is placed combing cream waving the hair of your baby beautifully combed. And you’re ready to go for a walk.

How to make hairstyles for babies


This type of hairstyle is too easy, so to speak, what you have to do is really simple. First you must comb your baby and take three tails one by one and then tie them with the garters, they must be fully separated about 5 cm away. And your baby is ready to go home with her hair done.

How to make hairstyles for babies


This hairstyle is much simpler than the previous one, it consists of making two little butts one by one, 7 cm apart from the short and laughter hair of your little daughter, it will not be done with her hair anymore because her curls perfect her hairstyle much more. And your baby is ready after a nice bath.
How to make hairstyles for babies

These were some ideas so that you can comfortably and easily brush your beautiful little princess at home.

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How to make hairstyles for babies

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