How to Make Hairstyles for College

Easy hairstyles to make your daughters in their school days

How to Make Hairstyles for College

I know that sometimes before your daughter goes to school, she spends her time flying, we want her to have easy hairstyles to do with ingenuity, it depends if your daughter has long or short hair, I know that at school your girls can be bothered to have their hair completely loose during classes, in physical education, at rest, all hairstyle varies according to the degree of difficult; Some hairstyles are faster to do than others.

It is where the parents do everything to be able to comb them as they can, get their uniforms ready and give them breakfast, they have to be behind them so that they do not arrive at any time late.

Although we know that the easiest hairstyle in the world is the ponytail, the girls want an easy hairstyle and to remove it quickly too, for that reason I want to give you some tips of hairstyles that you can do for your daughter.

How to Make Hairstyles for College

Hairstyles You Can Do to Your Daughter:

  • The low ponytail with coiled hair:

You can make the ponytail but with more style by twisting part of the hair around the root, towards the part where the bun is, only the time it takes you for that is about a minute, but when you need to make the hairpins so that it is It will take you about five minutes, so when you separate the breasts you should leave a thicker one and then make the tranza, in this way to wind around the hair. How to Make Hairstyles for College

You must use the gums that are thick, which will allow you to make the bow stronger and taller, in the style of the ballet dancers, and it suits girls who have bangs or not, you will be like a princess, it is ideal to take to school, for its ease and resistance. If you want you can also do it by multiplying it by two, instead of just a central bun, you can divide the hair into two separate ribbons, you should have two padding curlers at hand, depending on the amount of hair your girls have.

How to Make Hairstyles for College

This type of hairstyle is well known from the 90s, it is known as the ponytail, it is the most common and the most used by girls, it is so quick to make, you can make several types of pigtails, you can make it higher , towards the center, on the side, below that will pass through an opening just through the ponytail. The pigtail should be turned inside and pulled a little hard to be ready, is one of the choices preferred by girls.

How to Make Hairstyles for College

  • Corona ‘milkmaid’ … but lying:

It is a braid that is made at the top of the head, it is a hairstyle to do it takes much longer, if we want it not to be so delayed we can cut it in half by doing the hair, with a side braid, which is thick , on the opposite side of the head, you should always follow the line of the head, changing the frame with a loop that has a clip.

How to Make Hairstyles for College

It’s the fashionable hairstyle, on YouTube you can see how they explain it in 15 seconds, what should be done is a root braid, that is from the forehead and that can divide the hair at least in half, that is not So low and you hold it well with the elastic band of the color you want or that you allow in school, usually this type of hairstyle is with loose hair, it does not matter if your daughter has short hair you can also do it.

How to Make Hairstyles for College

It can be worn in high, medium or low form, even in two braids, as a great example the infanta Leonor framing the face, as on both sides of the hairline. It is very easy to do from any angle.

How to Make Hairstyles for College

It is the one that is normally not only used by girls at school, but also by older people, because it is only to pick up your hair with an elastic and you stayed ready in the shortest possible time.

It’s as if you tie yourself like the classic tail, but by far it will be on your side, you do not delay anything.

Not all the hair is collected only one part, half of the hair and the rest is left loose.

Well moms, I hope you like the post, are the most common hairstyles you can do your daughter, each of this explained how you should do it, the idea is to have the knowledge of all types of hairstyles easier to do, in less time possible, since what you look for is to save time, usually in the morning all you need is the time for your daughter to arrive early to school, because since you get up, what you do is enlist your daughter and do not miss anything, because usually get up half asleep and lazily, sometimes do not want to go to school.
How to Make Hairstyles for College

I will be waiting for your comments regarding the post I have published, although I am constantly talking about several topics on the page that may be of interest to you.

If you want to comment on another hairstyle that does not fit, you can leave us your comment and explaining the hairstyle that you think is easy to do and that you do to your daughter to give you the time. I want to specify, that the post is referring only to fast hairstyles and easy to do, because there are many more hairstyles, only that they take more time to do and it is a bit more complicated to make them.

I just want to give tools to first-time moms too, which is not so easy for those who already have more than one daughter, who are experts in these issues, but newcomers are complicated because they do not have all the experience and skills , but I think that some are already born to do all this, although some girls their moms are stylists, and they can do several types of hairstyles.

  • It is important that buy some hair accessories to give a more feminine touch, girls love that, like the pink ribbon you see in the picture, it depends on your taste and if they allow you to wear some color at school, if you do not buy one similar to the color of the school uniform.

In some beauty salons they buy it, in shopping centers or where they sell beauty products you can get many things that can help you is a question of skill and so it will be, you learn fast, and then it is monotonous the hairstyles you make them, for example, what I did was to buy these accessories, from the rubbers and colored ribbons, and the ribbons.

I hope we can be friends, I am here to help you and we can talk about several topics that I am publishing during the week, follow our page and you will know more topics that you may like, if you want us to talk about other topics, leave us your comments that we always read all and we are answering the concerns you have.

Let moms is time to learn and put into practice all these hairstyles, practice these days with your daughter who is on vacation, so you have more agility with your hands, because when your daughter returns to school you will have time to Just, but you’ll be ready with new hairstyles that you’ve learned, while you had time, because the school routine comes again.

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How to Make Hairstyles for College

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