How to style your hair?

Visiting a hairdresser even twice a week is not possible for most women.

And you want to have beautifully laid hair every day. For this, there are small female tricks. Knowing how to properly style your hair, you can do without beauty salons.

  • Blow-dry.

The washed hair first of all should be dried. Then apply foam or mousse and stack with separate strands, using the regime of warm or cold air, because hot spoils the hair. To make the volume use a round comb, winding the hair on it and lifting them at the roots. The correct movement of the hair dryer to give a fluffy hairstyle – from the bottom up.

  • Styling of long hair .

Long hair is laid with the help of curlers. We need to take large curlers and, dividing the hair into strands, wind it, pretreated with foam for hair. After drying, comb the comb with rare teeth. Sprinkle with varnish. You can use a curd bar, although it is not safe for the hair.

  • Styling of curly hair.

Wet your hair with a brush. And then put your hands or comb with a rare teeth with a lot of gel. The peculiarity of laying curly hair is to not comb them during or after drying, otherwise the curls will “crumble”.

The most important thing in styling hair is naturalness. Therefore, to lay your hair, giving them a natural look, it takes time and your desire.

This summer, many designers sent all the tenderness of feeling to create new summer collections. The image of a summer girl is romantic and mysterious.

In particular, the most popular hairstyles this summer are braids, romantic waves and wet styling.

Wet hair styling looks very stylish and seductive, creating the effect of wet hair. To make such a hairdo is very simple, for this you need only a wax mousse for your hair.
Apply a little fixing mousse evenly on the hair and blow dry.

Even very fashionable hairstyles and haircuts, in the absence of beautiful styling may seem boring.
To make your styling look beautiful, use the volume.

You can give your hair volume with a special mousse for hair, as well as proper hair drying.

So, let’s look at several options for creating a volumetric hair styling.

Option 1.

On clean damp hair, apply a little heat protection and mousse to create a volume. Dry hair with a hair dryer using a round brush. During drying, raise the strands and direct the flow of air from the roots to the tips of the hair. Fasten the effect with hairspray.
Option 2.

Apply thermal protection and mousse for volume to damp hair. Slightly dry hair. Collect the top of the hair with a hair clip. Now use the diffuser with thick fingers to dry the lower part of the hair.

After drying, proceed to the top, repeat the procedure. The result is voluminous and fluffy hair. Secure with a fixing spray.

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How to style your hair?

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