How to use a mummy for hair?

Mumiye is a widely known natural medicine. Used for many diseases. The properties of the mummy are unique in their kind.

Plus, the richest composition, through which the application of the mummy extends not only to medicine, but also to cosmetology. Masks with mummies solve many skin problems, rejuvenate, speed up the healing of scars, leave no trace of acne, zhirovikov. In the piggy bank of many women there are also recipes for hair with mummies.

Hair – one of the main attributes of female attractiveness. If you have any problems related to health, splendor, shine curls, try to solve them together with the mummy. A real mummy is collected in the mountains, and it can be purchased at any pharmacy. The surface of the pieces of this “mountain balsam” is shiny.

The shades can be very different – from dark yellow to brown, brown and black. The black mummy is especially useful, it is considered the best.

The simplest thing you can do is add a useful “tar” to the shampoo. A good quality mummy is a plastic material that is easily kneaded by the fingers and dissolves very quickly in the liquid.

A small piece, dissolved in a bottle of your favorite shampoo, will be an effective tool to combat hair loss and brittle hair. Taking a shower, it is useful to rinse your hair with a decoction of nettle or chamomile with a mummy dissolved in it. As a result – the splendor, docility and brilliance of your hair.

A powerful therapeutic effect (if there is dandruff or split ends) give masks with “mountain tar”. Prepare the broth from the roots of burdock, in 200 ml dissolve 10 grams of mummy. Pour the contents into a basin with two liters of water, shake and wash the head. Undiluted water can be simply rubbed into the scalp, leaving for half an hour, and then flushing under the faucet. How to use a mummy for hair?

Another wonderful recipe for beautiful hair with mummies: thyme, sage flowers and plantain (all in equal parts) must be crushed and boiled (200 ml per 30 g of grass). Leave for an hour, after which heat and lower into infusion 100 grams of rye bread crumb. In a slurry dissolve 1 tsp. mummy.
If female wants her hair to grow quickly and densely, she can recommend an amazingly effective, biologically active compound for the mask. 1 table. l. juice of garlic + 1 table. l. Aloe juice + 1 table. l. honey + 5 g of mummy, dissolved in 2 table. l. water. Components carefully mix, after – rub in the roots of hair, do a five-minute skin massage, and you can wash your hair (as usual, using shampoo).

After the birth of the baby, as well as during the spring vitamin deficiency or depression, the quality of the hair deteriorates markedly after the transferred disease. At such times, the mummy can be ingested. Acting as a natural stimulant, life-giving resin will help restore an excellent kind of hair. For two weeks, every day, you should drink 1 tablet of mummy (weighing 0.2 grams).

Beautiful shiny hair full of vitality and energy, is not that what many girls want? It happens that our desires do not coincide with reality.

And the ends of our beautiful hair begin to cut off mercilessly. The ends are divided mainly from the owners of dry hair. The hair becomes dry after repeated blow-drying, styling, staining and frequent head washing.

A cardinal and effective way to get rid of naughty ends is to cut hair. For a few centimeters cut off the damaged ends of the hair every 2 months. Among the salon procedures, biolamination is popular. The hair is covered with a film, after which they become stronger and more resistant to damage. How to use a mummy for hair?

But all the same, it is better to prevent the problem, with the help of strengthening hair, and this will help the proven folk remedies.
1) Masks for healthy hair
– Oil masks saturate the scalp with vitamins, after which the hair looks and becomes healthier and stronger, their growth accelerates. Warm the castor and / or olive oil on the plate, grease the ends and roots of the hair with warm oil, hide the hair under the hat and wrap it with a towel, hold for 1.5 hours. Rinse off with shampoo.

– Honey is a wonderful remedy for the treatment of brittle tips, and it will also give the hair elasticity and shine. 1 tbsp. l. honey mixed with 100 grams of cottage cheese, apply the mask for 20 minutes on damp hair. Rinse with boiled water.
– The avocado contains many useful vitamins (C, B6, B9 and others), a mask to give hair beauty and prevent the cross-section of the tips. Take the ripe avocado, separate the pulp from the rind, mash with a fork and drip some olive oil, apply the mask on the hair. After 30 minutes, wash off the mask and wash the hair with shampoo.

2) Rinsing
After washing your head, rinse your hair with a decoction of medicinal herbs. Put a pan of water on the fire, throw 1 tbsp. l. chamomile, sage and linden, after the water boils, turn off the fire. Let the broth brew for 15 minutes.

Beer is another good remedy, after washing rinse with any beer beer, however, the beer leaves behind a smell that can be smashed with aromatic sprays.

3) Diet for beauty of hair
Choose foods high in fatty acids (sea fish, nuts, olive oil, pumpkin seeds). And do not forget to drink a lot of clean water, moisture is necessary, both to the skin and to the hair.

4) Hair care
It is desirable when drying hair to choose the minimum mode of the robot dryer, and instead of hot air cold.

In summer, spray hair with thermal water or a moisturizing spray.

How to use a mummy for hair?

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