Londa Professional Palette

Londa Professional is the palette of the most diverse shades of hair colors, which combine the latest trends in the world of cosmetic products and incredible technologies for hair care. Palette Londa The professional is really very diverse. Here you can find all the modern shades of hair that are in vogue, as well as the classic shades of hair. Thanks to Vitaflection technology after the dyeing procedure, the hair acquires a beautiful and rich shade, which implies a brilliant shine of the hair.

Londa Professional Palette

In this case, the effect of shine of hair remains for a long time, thanks to persistent pigments! The persistent pigments of the hair color palette of Londa Professional penetrate deep into the hair, so that the gray hair is completely colored, and the result is preserved for a long time. In the composition of all hair colors from London contains lipids, thanks to which the hair retains its original appearance, does not dry and does not thin. Lipids protect hair and give them a silky texture.

Modern hair colors from London assume a creamy texture. This is a more convenient option, which allows you to apply paint on your hair more comfortably and simply.

Londacolor Londa Professional (Londa Professional)

Resistant cream paint Londa Professional Londacolor Ash / Ashy shades

10/1 – shade of bright blond ashy
9/1 – shade very light blond ashy
8/1 – shade of light blond ashy
7/1 – shade of blond ashy
6/1 – shade of dark blond ashy
5/1 – shade light brown ashy

Londa Professional Palette

Persistent cream-colored Londa Professional Londacolor Brown / Brown and brown hues

4/07 – shade of blond natural brown
4/71 – shade brownish brown-ashy
4/75 – shade brownish brown red
4/77 – shade brownish intensely brown
5/07 – shade light brown natural brown
5/37 – shade light brown golden brown
5/7 – shade light brown brown
5/71 – shade light brown brownish-ashy
5/73 – shade light brown brownish golden
5/75 – shade light brown brown red

Londa Professional Palette
6/07 – shade of dark blonde natural brown
6/7 – shade of dark blond brown
7/07 – blonde tincture natural brown
7/7 – shade of blond brown
8/07 – shade of light blond natural brown
8/7 – shade of light blond brown
8/73 – shade of light blond brownish-golden
9/7 – shade very light blond brown

Londa Professional Palette

Londa Professional Palette

Londa Professional Londacolor Copper / Copper shades

4/4 – brown tint
5/4 – shade light brown copper
5/46 – shade light brown copper-violet
6/44 – shade of dark blond intensively-coppery

Londa Professional Palette
7/4 – shade of blond copper
7/44 – shade of blond intensively-copper
7/46 – shade of blond copper-violet

Londa Professional Palette

Londa Professional Londacolor Gold / Golden shades of hair

10/3 – shade of bright blond golden
10/38 – shade of bright blond golden-pearl
7/3 – shade of golden blonde
8/3 – shade of golden blond
8/38 – shade of light blond golden pearl
9/3 – shade very light blond golden

Londa Professional Palette

Londa Professional Londacolor Natural / Natural shades

10/0 – shade of bright blond
2/0 – shade black
3/0 – shade of dark brown
4/0 – shade of brown
5/0 – shade light brown
7/0 – shade of blond

Londa Professional Palette

Advantages of hair dyes Londa Professional Londacolor

  • Londa Professional Palette  Uniform color
    Bright shades
    It falls in color on the sample
    Affordable price
    Strong result
    Shine of hair
    Easy to use

The paint Londa Professional Londacolor gives amazing results after the first application.
This paint allows not only to make the image brighter, but also gives a brilliant shine to the hair.

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Londa Professional Palette

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