Masks for hair with UV filters

In the summer we blossom, opening to the tender rays of the sun. They give the skin a beautiful tan color, but are quite capable of damaging the appearance.

First of all, this of course affects the hair, the influence of ultraviolet radiation for which is very negative. And so I want to conquer all the magnificent hairdo, because even from ancient times, hair was the main ornament of every woman.

However, everything is not so bad, because the summer is rich in vitamins and minerals, which will give a charge of vivacity and health to our body, and properly chosen hair masks will give our image a blossoming appearance.

So, ultraviolet, affecting the hair, makes them dull, brittle, split. This problem will help to cope with masks from yogurt.

To do this, the warmed curdled milk is applied to dry hair and wrapped with parchment paper.
In this case, it is the paper that is important, and not the polyethylene cap, since the hair needs to breathe.
Thirty minutes later, apply another curdled hair and massage for five minutes. Wash off with warm water. After such a mask hair will look amazing. Also for secant hair, masks with oils are perfect.

They can be different – almond, olive, ordinary sunflower, but more popular are burdock and castor.

Used as a separate, heated form applied to the scalp and hair tips, and in conjunction with anything.
So, for example, a mask of castor oil mixed with lemon juice and yolk can stop hair loss.

This mask will require one teaspoon of oil, one chicken yolk and lemon juice. Mix everything and put on damp hair for forty minutes. Since the mask is very strong, it does not cost more than twice a month.

A Burr oil is capable not only to give hair a beautiful appearance, but also to accelerate their growth. To do this in equal proportions mix burdock oil and tincture of hot pepper. Rub into the scalp and leave for thirty minutes under the cover. Tincture of pepper warms up the skin, due to which the penetration of useful substances is enhanced.

Hair mask with shea Butter

Masks for hair with shea butter protect the hair from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. In order to make a mask, mix 1 tsp. Shea butter with 2 egg yolks. Stir the ingredients thoroughly and apply the mask on the hair for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water.
In general, there are many masks, these are the simplest of them. It is necessary to choose exactly for your hair type and change them often enough.
In this case, your hair will become a pride and a better decoration.
If your hair is prone to early gray hair, then to stop this process you need to rinse them after each washing with decoctions of sage, thyme and chamomile, taken in the same proportions.

Hair at all times were a powerful weapon in the hands of women, they helped to give a special charm, style, image.

But, as you know, beautiful hair, require special care, and for long hair you need to take care more carefully. After all, over time, hair has a tendency to lose its strength, which means that it is at the ends that they become more weak, sick, cut and lose their shine. It is at the ends that the hair is less docile, which means that they can easily break out of the strands, twist or even hang like sticks.

How to level the tips of hair, these questions are asked by many women, especially those who have long curls.

First, go to an experienced hairdresser who correctly assess the condition of your hair and recommend certain masks. If the condition of your hair is unsatisfactory, then he will offer to cut off the length of the hair a little.

Masks for hair with UV filters  In this case, do not worry, because you need to cut your hair, but with hot scissors, so as to less injure them. Professional, choose the optimal length of hair, which you need to cut, while your hair will not suffer from this, and the hair ends in the haircut will always be even.

If you recently resorted to a radical method – cutting the ends, and your hair is still not even at the ends, then try using straightening irons to straighten your hair. It is important to use special tools that protect hair from exposure to high temperatures. The entire volume of hair is better divided into 5-6 parts, so you can quickly straighten the tips, minimally damaging the hair.

How to align the tips of hair in another way?

To do this, you need a hairbrush and hair dryer. The hair must first be thoroughly washed and a little towel dried. Next, hair is applied by means of fixation, which are selected from individual characteristics such as your hair and your preferences, for example, gels, mousses, sprays.

The entire volume of hair is better divided into 2 parts and then, using a round comb and hair dryer, to dry the hair, pulling them from the middle of the length to the ends until the strand becomes dry. The result is better to fix hair varnish, otherwise by the end of the day your hair can become uneven again.

If you want that the ends of your hair are always smooth and shiny in hot and sunny weather, pack them in a bundle or make braids, do not bathe in salt water for long and make hair masks, only then you will not constantly worry about how to level the tips hair.

Masks for hair with UV filters

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