Men’s haircuts for short hair

Short hairstyles are becoming more popular every year. However, many stylists still make the main bet on asymmetry and uneven strands.

Let’s discuss the most fashionable men’s hairstyles for short hair.

The hairstyle of the bean has long since become the most popular staple for men. This hairstyle is performed on short hair and strands of medium length. In this case, we are interested in the first option. Classical haircut bob assumes a smooth styling.

Men's haircuts for short hair

Men’s hairstyles and haircuts for short hair

However, if you want to create an effect of negligence, apply a volumetric gel to the hair for styling, this will give a strand of textured volume. This year, in the fashion short hairstyle bean with elongated bangs, which, incidentally, are fashionable to wear on one side. In addition, you can create an asymmetry effect: shave the temple, lengthen a few strands.

Men's haircuts for short hair

  • Classic short haircuts for men

Classic hairstyles for men were nicknamed “business.” These are haircuts, on the basis of which the most simple hairstyles are created. In fact, to lay a classic haircut you need only a few minutes.

Men's haircuts for short hair

The main emphasis here is on the textured strands. For this purpose it is enough to put on wax wax for volume and to dry up their hair dryer. Such laying looks very manly and at the same time restrained. At the same time, a small bang is present, slightly raised and laid on its side.

Men's haircuts for short hair

  • Haircut boxing and styling

Despite the widespread opinion that boxing is exclusively an army haircut, stylists take a step back. Today in fashion, an elongated box, on the basis of which you can create completely different styling from ultramodern to punk-style hairstyles. Let’s discuss what the haircut of boxing is.

Men's haircuts for short hair

Boxing is a haircut that involves shaved whiskey and part of the parietal area of ​​the head. It turns out that a small cap is formed on top, which was nicknamed “gladiator’s helmet”.

Men's haircuts for short hair

  • Hairstyle in the style of punk

Styling in style military and punk are very popular in the new season. These hairstyles imply the effect of negligence. In particular, in the case of punk hair, you can create a high styling, or, for example, give the hair a chaotic appearance. These hairstyles look great on the basis of multistage haircuts.

Men's haircuts for short hair

To create a punk style, you need mousse for volume and fixation.
1. Wash your hair and lightly dry it.
2. Apply mousse for hair with a volume effect.
3. Dry hair with a hairdryer.
4. Using the mousse for fixing, create a styling with a high styling, lifting the locks of your hair with your fingers.
5. Fix the hairstyle with hairspray.


Men’s hairstyles for short hair are very diverse, we wish you to find your own unique image!

The most popular hair styles for men are short hair. They do not require careful care, look neat and add an image of charm and masculinity. What short hairstyles for men to choose?

The style of the military has gained popularity not only in fashionable clothes. Men’s hairstyles are becoming more and more courageous every year. The basis can be a haircut half-box, which was worn by American soldiers or boxing – a sport short haircut.

Men's haircuts for short hair

The very name of these haircuts is associated with masculinity. Most often it’s very short hair on the back of the neck and a longer bang on which the accent is made. Styling bangs in different ways, torn ends, highlighting give the hair a variety and help express your style and personality.

For example, for a business person who is important to emphasize accuracy and restraint, with a classic short hairstyle, this hair style is suitable: with the help of the gel, lay the bangs on one side and slightly lift it. Fingers divide the bangs into separate strands. This low-key hairstyle requires minimum stowage and time.

Men's haircuts for short hair

Sporting haircut, which is very short hair length, you can give a light romanticism. Put a little gel on the hair and lift them up the entire length of the hedgehog.

Men's haircuts for short hair

The image of the dandy will help to create a hairstyle in which all details are carefully checked. A short, combed back and slightly raised bangs with a short length of hair gives the impression of subtle elegance.

For those who want to emphasize their creative origin, short hairstyles for men with an elongated bangs will do. Variants of a hairdress: to make an oblique parting, to lay strongly “licked” a bang back and on one side, all hair smoothly to lay by means of gel. Or use a fashionable retro style in your hair. To do this, lay a long bang in the cook, like Elvis Presley: to give a bang a large volume, so that the kok hanging around the forehead, or put it in the form of chaotic strands.

Men's haircuts for short hair

Despite the fashion trends, short hairstyles for men will always be relevant. They like not only men, but also women.

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Men's haircuts for short hair

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