Men’s haircuts spring 2015

In the world of fashionable men’s haircuts there have been many changes. The main one is hairstyles with high styling and shaved temples.

Since such haircuts are seen in almost every collection, we can safely talk about such hairstyles as the main trend of the season. Strictly speaking, today we will discuss the most trendy hairstyles of the season, and also talk about what haircuts are relevant in the spring of 2015.
Men’s haircuts spring 2015: the main trends of the season!

Haircut undercut

A haircut undercut , perhaps, becomes one of the main trends of the spring season. As designers express their sympathy for the fashion of the 1920s, undercut cutting has become a kind of a manifestation of the retro trends of the 1920s. At that time, the haircut with shaven temples and long hair centered around the gangster bands. Such a hairstyle was fashionable to be laid on its side, and also to form a neat hairstyle. Today, undercut is fashionable to wear in pair with a high styling, but some of the husband’s men add exquisite notes with the help of curls. This haircut looks very stylish and at the same time brutal!

Men's haircuts spring 2015


Haircutting pad is very similar to undercut, however the key difference here is not only the length of the hair, but also the method of styling. So, for example, in the case of a pad, the hair is cut at the temples long 2-3 cm, but in the center the length of the hair can reach 5-6 cm. It is recommended to lay the area smoothly and smoothly without cutting a high styling and an element of hair. Usually, it looks more original, paired with a small bang.

Men's haircuts spring 2015

Hairstyles with shaved temples

A hairstyle with shaved temples is an excellent option for fashion experiments. If you want to create an original haircut, then be sure to pay attention to this fashionable hairstyle. In particular, hairdressers offer a variety of haircut with shaved temples with additional patterns. These can be specific engravings, names, numbers, etc. However, you must remember that each picture looks different and carefully think through the image. The most popular drawings on shaved temples: stars, lines, spider webs, etc.

Men's haircuts spring 2015

Haircut “Voyage”

Hairstyle voyage is another haircut that forms a free image. This haircut is done in a cascading fashion. Hair is sheared under a certain degree, resulting in a beautiful haircut with graduation. Haircutting voyage will be a good solution for men with an oval face shape. This haircut is worn either with a short bangs, or with an elongated one.

Men's haircuts spring 2015

Sporting haircut with a shifted center

Sporting haircuts have a number of features, but in general they are universal and easy to install. This year at the top of popularity, graduated sports haircuts, which are fashionable to lay on their side, and also to form hairstyles in grunge style (in haste). Such haircuts, as a rule, assume an elongated lateral bang, while the tips of the hair have a beautiful graduation.

Men's haircuts spring 2015

Asymmetric haircuts

Asymmetry is one of the main attributes of fashionable haircuts of 2015. If you want to create a trendy hairstyle, be sure to pay attention to models with asymmetrical strands. In general, asymmetrical haircuts are performed on the basis of classic model hairstyles, such as quads, bean, box, page, etc. Their difference from other models is the unevenly cut strands of hair. One strand can be noticeably longer than the other, etc. Asymmetric haircuts, as a rule, are always accompanied by lateral, oblique cheeks. This solution allows you to add a dynamic hairstyle and make it more unique.

Men's haircuts spring 2015

Double square

For fans of dynamic sports haircuts, stylists recommend to master a new hairstyle of the season – double quads. Such a haircut, as a rule, is preferred by many players. She looks very stylish and masculine – brutal. However, the haircut involves elongated hair, which can always be collected in a small tail.

Men's haircuts spring 2015

Bob and the page

The hairstyle of the page is something new for modern youth, because it looks rather unusual. The hairstyle of the page assumes an elongated bang, which is customary to shear at an angle, creating a rounded line. This hairstyle assumes elongated hair, however, as modern execution stylists have thought up to shave hair on a nape and partially on temples. As a result, the haircut got a new breath and looks different.

Men's haircuts spring 2015

Haircut boxing

Another fashionable haircut of the season is boxing. Hairstyle boxing can also be attributed to sports haircuts. It looks appropriate for any image and any clothing. However, haircut boxing is performed on short hair, which allows us to talk about it as a practical hairstyle that does not require serious styling. A great option for every day!

Men's haircuts spring 2015

Fashionable hairstyles

Among the most relevant hairstyles of the new season were such models as the Iroquois with elongated hair, cutting hair and beans, as well as smooth hairstyles with a wet effect.
Fashionable to you ideas and good mood!

Men's haircuts spring 2015

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Men's haircuts spring 2015

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