Names of men’s haircuts

Men’s hairstyles are as diverse as women’s. Today there are no topics for taboo in the hairdresser’s art.

Many stylists pay attention to the styling with long bangs, as well as the bob with a round bangs. If you are ready for courageous experiments, take a look at the most modern styling of the season, which we will talk about today. Below we would like to classify men’s haircuts by types, style and names.

Names of men's haircuts

By types of hairstyle men’s hairstyles can be divided into styling for short, medium and long hair. In addition, experienced hairdressers always pay attention to the texture of the hair. So, for example, if you have thin hair, before you start laying, you need to apply mousse, which will give your hair extra volume.

But if you have wavy and naughty hair, it is important to use mousses and waxes for smooth hair.

Styles of men’s hairstyles

Classic styling is always on the “crest of fashion”. They are not only popular among young people, but also in demand among men in adulthood. Classical haircuts assume an even lateral parting, and smoothly laid hair. However, here you have a choice, if you do not like the styling with a parting, try hairdos with combed back hair.

  • Hairstyle style “grunge”

The grunge style reflects the modern culture of punk rock and classic rock. Based on this, you can guess that grunge style hairstyles are rebellious haircuts with disheveled hair. A new direction grunge-chic, shows hairstyles in an elite style (focus on personality).

Actual shaved whiskey, which go along with long oblique cheeks. Today, stylists propose to create grunge hairstyles with high styling, and also use coloring on hair.

Names of men's haircuts  Names of men's haircuts

  • Militia style

Militia laying is mainly based on long hair, as well as on medium length hair. Such male styling looks chaotic, they are created on the basis of multistage haircuts, which allows them to add an effect of negligence.

  • Sports hairstyles

Sports hairstyles are very common among men. They assume neat man’s laying with small irregularities. By the way, today asymmetry is very popular.

Names of men’s hairstyles

Classical man’s haircut – A simple classic male haircut is created with straight scissors. At the same time, hair length, as a rule, does not exceed 3-5 cm, depending on the wishes of the client. This haircut is performed by the method of stranding the strand, the length of the hair throughout the head should be the same.

Men’s haircut with a typewriter – this type of haircut involves very short hair, with one long over the entire head. It is made by a machine and is ideal for thick and curly hair.

Curry – a hairdress, based on the procedure of curling hair, with the help of hair curlers, curlers or chemicals. waving.

Names of men's haircuts

Boxing – haircut, which involves shaved whiskey and the lower part of the nape. Such a haircut looks like a gladiator’s helmet.

Halfbox – an elongated haircut “box”, with a longer length of hair on the temporal and parietal region of the head.

Britannica – English hairstyle, which implies a classic hairstyle with a side parting. In this case the temporal part is smoothly laid with the help of wax, but the top strands of hair are attached to the volume.

Names of men's haircuts

Hairstyle Bob implies long strands wrapped inward, while the bangs, in the classical version, remain rounded.

Canadian – a haircut with an accent on the frontal part of the head, that is, the haircut is short, but in the field of the bangs of suits it leaves long hair. In the case of laying in the forehead area create a set.

Hedgehog and Beaver – Haircut, which is performed on short hair. In this case, the length of the hair does not exceed 2 cm. In this case, the “hedgehog” provides a rounded shape, and the beaver – the square shape of the hair.

Names of men's haircuts

Men’s haircut with shaved temples – Hairstyle, which involves a classic haircut with shaved temples. And the variations “on the topic” can be many. Hairstyle can be executed both on long, and on short hair. At the request of the client, you can shave one temple or hair on both sides. Directly on the shaved part, you can create a unique pattern (tattoo effect) to make the hairstyle more stylish.

Haircut “Double quads” – a sports hairstyle that involves longer hair from the top (7-8 cm) and shorter from the bottom (4-5 cm). It is made with straight and thinning scissors.

Haircut “Sagittarius” – Male haircut, which involves a high line of selection and an elongated bang. In this case, the hair should be the same length throughout the head. It is made with straight and thinning scissors, with a draft of 45 °.

Names of men's haircuts

Hairstyle with a biased center – haircut, which involves a shifted center line and often asymmetrical strands of hair. Hairstyle with a displaced center often involves elongated hair, while the length of the strand can vary depending on the client’s desire. This is a model haircut that is not created for a specific pattern.

Smooth hair with a side cut – the hair that is created on the elongated hair with a gel or any other styling product. At the same time, a side parting is created on the hair and they are laid smoothly.

Hairstyle in grunge style – hairstyle in grunge style is great for medium length hair. It involves a chaotic styling, which can be created with a fixing spray for the hair. An excellent basis for this hairstyle will be a haircut asymmetric bean.

Names of men's haircuts

Hairstyle in the style of “Elvis” – Elvis hair style assumes long hair from above and shortened from below. Such a haircut was called “rockabilly”. In fact, this is a rocker haircut, which was born in the early 50’s.

Men’s haircut “Platform” – a hairstyle that implies short hair on the lower part of the head and a high styling on the top. It is performed with straight scissors and comb, not suitable for fine hair.

Haircut “Voyage” – this hairstyle is performed with straight and thinning scissors. As a rule, hair of medium length. Haircut “Voyage” is a voluminous hair on top and very short hair from below. At the same time, the cut line is clearly traced. Many men prefer to lay their hair back on the basis of this haircut.

Names of men's haircuts

Men’s haircut “Graduated quads” – haircut, which is performed with the help of straight scissors and assumes the length of the hair to the chin. The graded square in the male version does not involve bangs, it can be worn with both straight and oblique cuts.

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Names of men's haircuts

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