Natural Products for Damaged Hair

For naturally perfect hair

If your hair is battered and lifeless I recommend you to follow the following tips that will return beauty, are tips that you can apply every day or at least once a week, remember that every day our hair is exposed to moisture conditions , pollution, tobacco smoke and so many harmful agents that are in the air today, in addition to the dryer, dyeing and treatments they make it mistreat and become opaque so we must consent to our hair to restore the health it has lost; If you have long hair it is important that every two or three months cut the burned tips so that it grows healthier and faster although there may be an exception to the rule, I will tell you immediately, there are hundreds of treatments on the market that promise to repair hair and return the brightness, smoothness and beauty, but not all meet our expectations or are products with very high prices; luckily we have natural products at our fingertips that are excellent and that cost little.

Do not fear the coconut

Natural Products for Damaged Hair

Coconut oil can be found in health food stores or in some chain stores, if you do not find it then the olive oil is also very good, make a mixture with two tablespoons of oil, one tablespoon of unflavored gelatin, half a milk, an egg, two tablespoons of conditioner and a spoonful of mayonnaise; heat the milk and add the gelatin, oil, mayonnaise, conditioner and a homogeneous paste will form, then apply the mixture in your hair to the tips, then wrap your hair with a head cap, other than the get into the pool, if you do not have one, then use a bag and let it act between 30 minutes to 40 minutes, as time passes, wash your hair and apply conditioner at the tips, perform this process once or twice a week and when see the effects you can apply the mixture once a month.

For my part I feel lucky that I am a man and men only have to be interested in having a pleasant smell, combing well and the rest is attitude, but if our goal is to raise a beautiful woman, the least we have to do is take care of our hair; this issue of hair care was a secondary issue in our lives, since without much retouching we were ready, but now the metrosexual tendencies force us to be “pretty”, so now beauty salons attract more men, the same I think It’s right that men keep us looking good and very accommodating.

Deep hydration

Coconut oil is a product with a lot of power for our hair and if you have long hair then I will give you another homemade trick so you have more lucid hair; Now you just need to get

– egg.

– Honey of bees.

– Coconut oil, if not Encuetras uses olive oil.

– Half avocado

Take the avocado in half and make it puree, the avocado is a natural moisturizer and serves as a conditioner for the hair since it contains many repairing properties such as essential fatty acids and moisturizes the ends of the hair, after you crush the avocado well and turn it guacamole, you add the yolk of the egg, which contains a lot of protein that gives shine, this mixture adds a spoonful of honey, this ingredient has moisturizing and moisturizing properties that serve as a natural conditioner and finally takes a teaspoon of coconut oil or failing olive oil that is a strong repair of hair and also helps growth, since it contains vitamin E and antioxidants that heal the damaged layers of hair to seal the cuticle, this mixture will be homogeneous and if you want To make it thicker you can add more avocado.

Natural Products for Damaged Hair

So you do not cut the battered ends

Apply this mass on your hair starting at the tips towards your head, it is not necessary to reach your scalp since this paste is quite greasy, make sure all the hair is well greased, then you collect the hair to cover it with a plastic cap because it generates heat, which helps the ingredients penetrate better the fibers of your hair, leave the hat for only half an hour, then remove it and wash your hair as you have always done; this treatment you can do once a week and you will see the results a month or if you have very treated hair you can perform the treatment twice a week, the good thing about this treatment is that you will not even have to cut the ends since they are going to recover their life.

Natural Products for Damaged Hair

Natural Products for Damaged Hair

A man who has a good color hair, does not matter if it is artificial or natural, but yes, it looks bright, loose, with movement, without dandruff, without fat and with a delicious aroma, if you are Teen takes care of your hair jealously because at this time there is a hormone mismatch and accelerated secretion of sweat and fat, although I know that any teenager does whatever it takes to be the coolest or the school and the neighborhood.

Natural Products for Damaged Hair

Beware of hair chemistries

With all my heart I ask you to avoid the use of gel since it mistreates the hair terribly, breaks it and helps prematurely fall; When I was a teenager nobody told me this, the truth is that the image of all the hair falling in the bathtub, on the pillow, on the shirts, on the table when eating, is a scene of terror for anyone; If you want the hair to maintain a special shape, use non-alcoholic lacquers and without so much harmful chemical that they make your hair dull and dull or otherwise you can also use wax for wet or dry hair, with this you make sure you have a very cool style without risk of falling.

Generally we do not know much about our body, not only about our hair, but about any part, in this case I am going to tell you about what the hair is made of; Each hair contains three parts, the inner fiber of the hair is the marrow that is covered by the bark and the outer part of the hair called cuticle which is the fiber that protects the hair from damage, when the cuticle is damaged the hair becomes dry and no shine; Other signs of a damaged hair are when there is fragile or rough texture, or when the tips of the hair open, also the itching and the lack of elasticity.

Excessive washing, exposure to the sun, dryers, pool water, friction and heat when sleeping on cotton pillows, poor diet, stress and depression damage the hair, control your moods because it does not it only affects health.

Take advantage of the benefits of olive oil

Natural Products for Damaged Hair

From the above ingredients I highlight the olive oil, with it you can massage your scalp gently with your fingertips for a few minutes and cover your hair with a warm towel, leave on for at least 30 minutes or if you want all the night.

Olive oil mixed with honey is very powerful in the hair, mix it, let it warm a little and apply it on your head with gentle massage, then cover your hair for at least 30 minutes, perform this treatment at least once per week.

Olive oil mixed with avocado in blender gives you a very nutritious paste for hair repair, also applies to all the hair and let it act for one hour.

Natural Products for Damaged Hair

Maintain a diet that integrates cereals, seeds and especially protein.

By J. Jara

Natural Products for Damaged Hair

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