Natural Remedies for Bleached Hair

Our hair is an important part of our dress from day to day, since we usually make different hairstyles for each occasion, but in many opportunities the girls love to change their look and for this reason they use different chemicals to achieve a different look, For example some girls discolor their hair or use dyes to change the natural tone of it.

Natural Remedies for Bleached Hair

In addition to the change of tone we also use different instruments to change the appearance of our hair, for example we use dryers and irons to make our hair look a lot smoother or we use tweezers so that our hair has curls and this type of treatments They make our hair lose shine and in this way it is mistreated.

But fortunately there are different natural remedies that can help you recover your hair in an easy way and from the comfort of your home.

1. Remedy of Olive Oil

One of the best remedies you can do for your hair is olive oil, as it has different properties and vitamins that will help your hair hydrate much faster, and it is also one of the best conditioners you can have.

Natural Remedies for Bleached Hair

This remedy is easy to do since what you need is half a well of olive oil and heat it, I advise you to do it in a bain-marie since if you heat it directly in a pot you can run the risk that the oil loses its properties. You must bear in mind that to apply this treatment you must do it with warm oil, leave it for your hair for forty minutes with a thermal cap.

Keep in mind that to remove olive oil you have to wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner.

2. Remedy with Almond Oil and Aloe Vera

Another ideal remedy to recover your damaged hair and especially the split ends is this remedy with almond oil and aloe vera.

Natural Remedies for Bleached Hair

It is necessary to use blender for this remedy since the one of the aloe is not easy to crush because it slips. For this remedy it is necessary to use half a leaf gel of small aloe and half a well of almond oil, liquefy well until the ingredients are well mixed and then apply it all over the hair. Let this recipe work for half an hour, but you need to use a bathing cap so that the heat helps the properties enter the hair.

To remove this mixture, you must apply plenty of water and shampoo, it is important that you use conditioner to help improve the appearance of your hair.

3. Remedy with Olive Oil and Egg

Thanks to the properties of olive oil and egg this remedy is one of the best to nourish and moisturize your hair. Also, you can recover your hair quickly by doing this remedy twice a week.

Natural Remedies for Bleached Hair

For this you must stir two eggs with five tablespoons of olive oil, you must perfectly mix these two ingredients and apply it to your hair from the root to the tips, you must do a gentle massage on your scalp. It is necessary that you use a bathing cap so that the heat helps the properties of this remedy to perfectly enter the hair cuticle.

Let it act for one hour and then you should remove it with plenty of water and shampoo but it is important to use the conditioner.

4. Remedy with Ripe Avocado, Egg and Olive Oil

The avocado has different properties and vitamins that are ideal for the recovery of hair when it is mistreated, besides the egg and the olive oil make this mixture something special for your hair.

Natural Remedies for Bleached Hair

Stop this remedy we need to mix in a container half crushed ripe avocado, with two tablespoons of olive oil and an egg, mix it until you have a kind of paste and apply it all over your hair. It is necessary that you use a bathing cap in order to make this remedy penetrate better into your hair.

To remove this remedy from your hair it is necessary that you use plenty of water. This remedy you can do after having washed your hair, that is to say that you can use this mask as a conditioner.

Natural Remedies for Bleached Hair

As you can see there are different treatments to recover damaged hair. If you want to get better results I recommend that you apply these remedies two to three times a week, it is necessary that you use thermal caps in order to make the treatment work better.

I hope this article has been of great help and that you have been able to use one of the masks to repair your dry and damaged hair. If you have any questions or need advice, do not hesitate to contact me, I will be glad to attend your comments. Listen to your comments

Natural Remedies for Bleached Hair

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