Natural Remedies for New Hair

All women like to look good hair, beautiful and abundant. But unfortunately due to some factors we are losing hair little by little, which makes it reduce its volume, either by the application of dyes, subject them to chemical formulas that turn out to be aggressive for the scalp or other agents such as noise, stress, contractures , poor diet, worries, hormonal problems that are inherent to the human being and that appear every day.

Many of us want to recover these stray hairs and make them look more leafy and with more volume or also of girls so much hair takes longer to grow and we look for having longer hair and we want it to grow faster. For this topic there are many chemical and natural solutions, and what better to opt for natural solutions that will take care of your hair, preventing it from suffering aggressive treatments .

Natural Remedies for New Hair

It is necessary that in a matter of beauty you must have a little patience, the treatments that you do take a certain time so that you can observe the results, nothing is done overnight and being constant and persevering you will find the key to success. We are still in time to start using these masks so you can wear a super long hair.

It is almost imperceptible to see the renewal of hair, that is why you must take care of it to have it very healthy and thus grow in a healthy and balanced manner. Remember that it is very important that you add to your diet nutrients and vitamins that promote their growth, these are high protein foods such as fish, eggs and meats, among others. Keep in mind that there are home made recepies or products on the market that stimulate the growth of your hair, however it is important to keep in mind that your hair will not increase too much but will grow at a rate of no more than 1.5 or 3 cm per month. We will see some home remedies that you can apply to your hair easily in the tranquility of your home that will help in the growth of your hair and prevent its fall.

Hair Care at the Time of Washing

Natural Remedies for New Hair

So that your hair retains the natural oils that are in it, it is important that you wash it no more than 2 to 3 times a week, try that as far as possible the shampoo you use has no salt, as this can cause that the hair is dried.

Wash your hair with cold water, doing this will give strength and shine. Massage the right way to your scalp in the process of applying the shampoo and conditioner. Avoid using many heat transfer products, as this can dry the hair.

Natural Remedies for Hair Growing New

Natural Remedies for New Hair

I leave a series of home remedies that you can create home with products that you have on hand and are completely natural.

Soak the flaxseed seeds in water and let stand for 5 days until all the drool is expelled. Apply directly to the scalp with the help of a cotton ball.

  • Abundant and Radiant Hair With Aloe Vera

To make this treatment wash the aloe stalk, extract the gel from the penca to mix it with an egg and a small glass of brandy. Apply directly to the scalp in a period of twice a week.

  • To Give More Hair Volume

After washing the hair as is commonly done after applying the shampoo and conditioner rinse with warm water mixed with a cup of apple cider vinegar.

  • Onion For Hair Growth New

Extract the juice of two onions, apply directly to the scalp by means of massages. This procedure is very simple to do, to do this, peel two or three onions and cut them into slices. Then pass them through the food processor or in the blender. Or in your case you can grate it to extract the juice. You can apply it directly on the scalp with your hands or by dipping cotton or gauze. Remember that the smell of onion is very strong, therefore, perform this home treatment at night or on weekends.

The extracted juice should remain more or less for a half hour time on the scalp. You can use a bathing cap or a plastic bag to better enter the skin. Then rinse with plenty of warm water and wash with a natural shampoo, which has no chemicals. Repeat this procedure three times a week, you will see in two months the amazing results.

Natural Remedies for New Hair

In this case I recommend that you be very careful as the henna fades and you can dye it. But in the case you can use a neutral henna to avoid this problem. Mix henna powder until dissolved in hot water. Add a few drops of lemon or a natural yogurt. Apply to the hair, let it act for at least one hour. At the beginning you should do it once a week for four weeks. Subsequently once every two weeks

  • Mayonnaise, Aloe And Tomato

Mix the mayonnaise, the aloe and the tomato in the blender. This home remedy should be applied before going to sleep. Cover your hair with a bathing cap and let it work all night. Wash the next day.

Thanks to nature and without exposing our hair to aggressive treatments, we can make use of natural elements that are at hand to make the hair grow to give it more volume or to recover those that were lost due to stress, hormonal issues , chemical treatments among others.

Natural Remedies for New Hair

What home remedy would you encourage to use? Tell me your experience

Natural Remedies for New Hair

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