Natural Treatments for Dried and Abused Hair

Hair is one of the body parts that if not taken care of properly can suffer irreparable damage. It is a source of concern today in terms of style, cut, color and their respective care.

Unfortunately due to the misuse of certain cosmetic products in excess for the hair can end up damaging it and mistreating it causing a serious problem that in its appearance and texture, that with a series of treatments be these natural or not. When the hair is dry and mistreated its appearance looks lifeless and at the same time it breaks, shows the split ends and loses its perfect naturalness, the causes to which the hair looks with this aspect are multiple and varied; They include these from poor diet to excessive exposure to hair-damaging media such as the high temperatures of hair dryers and hair straighteners.

But there is nothing to stop the return of life to this type of hair that a good treatment can achieve for the hair to recover life and look healthier. Thanks to nature there are various ways of caring for and repairing damaged hair with the use of purely natural products that act effectively by restoring the shine, appearance and softness to the hair.

Natural Treatments for Dried and Abused Hair

Home remedies are an excellent medium that passes from generation to generation over time and allows us to repair the damage that the hair has experienced due to excessive exposure to the sun, dryers, hair straighteners, dyes, bleach even to the use of Certain shampoos that contain abundant salts and chemical compounds. In this opportunity I will help you through some tips with ideal natural recipes to repair and treat the damaged and battered tips recover your vitality and health.

Home remedies that you can prepare in the comfort of your home for the treatment of your hair

These natural home treatments are very good if what we are looking for is repairs the damage caused to the hair and shows its dry and damaged appearance. Whether your hair is long, short, wavy, or maybe smooth, whatever type of hair you have, it is completely normal to want it to look radiant and healthy. Unfortunately, due to daily life, not all women devote a little of their time to properly care for their hair and neglect its appearance, shape and texture, causing certain damages that damage its appearance. The bad habits in the feeding and the exaggerated use of certain chemicals that are applied on the hair make that unfortunately it is dried and becomes weak, brittle and loses its naturalness. A clear symptom that the hair is going through certain problems is observed in the constant and remarkable fall of large amounts of hair, nightmare that accompanies many women throughout life if we do not give the appropriate treatment from the root.

We will now see a list of natural recipes that you can use as a treatment at home to repair hair damage.

  • Oils you should use to massage the scalp and moisturize your hair

With the use of this type of oil on your hair you will get moisture to your hair and just massage the scalp either with coconut oil, almonds or the same olive oil you will see how your hair will gradually recover its vitality. What you should do is apply these oils on the scalp and massage, the ideal is to do it at night and leave it there to act, or in any case if you do not want to feel your hair very greasy you can do it after washing your hair leaving a space time of one hour from when you wash your hair until you apply the oil.

  • Home Based Egg Treatment.

Natural Treatments for Dried and Abused Hair

This treatment for the hair consists of mixing a deposit the yolk of an egg, add three tablespoons of olive oil and also a spoonful of honey, apply this mixture on your hair, giving small massages and covering the hair with a hat or bag plastic. Let the preparation act for about twenty minutes and then proceed to rinse with plenty of warm or cold water. This element will help to strengthen the strands of your hair, they will be healthier and brighter, they will recover their softness and prevent the hair from falling or breaking.

  • Papaya-based Treatment

Natural Treatments for Dried and Abused Hair

Papaya not only stands out for its rich flavor, it is a fruit that returns moisture to the hair and nourishes it from the root to the tip, it is rich in proteins, it returns the shine and moisture to the hair so that it grows healthily. Because it contains beta-carotenes, it fights the dryness of the hair, repairs the damaged parts and gives a lot of strength and shine to the hair. To make this mask we need to liquefy two slices of papaya, with two tablespoons of yogurt, once they have been integrated, apply it on the scalp. Cover the hair and let it act for half an hour, wash with water and shampoo.

  • Beer-based Treatment

Natural Treatments for Dried and Abused Hair

This beer-based treatment will make your hair look shiny, soft, very beautiful and well-groomed. You can use the beer as a conditioner, the only thing you should do in this case is to wash your hair every day with beer until you reach the desired result.

  • Honey Treatment

Natural Treatments for Dried and Abused Hair

Honey is one of the most favored home remedies since they help to repair the damage caused to the hair, due to its high content of enzymes, vitamins, amino acids and minerals make it an excellent natural treatment. You can use it once or twice a week. The preparation consists of adding two not very large cups of warm water and two tablespoons of honey. Apply it after washing your hair like you usually do with shampoo and rinse with this mixture.

  • Avocado-based treatment

Natural Treatments for Dried and Abused Hair

The avocado treatment does not cause any capillary damage, if not on the contrary it gives the hair life and strength. To prepare this homemade treatment add a tablespoon of olive oil to the avocado, mix until the ingredients are integrated and apply to the hair, let it act for about twenty minutes, and rinse with plenty of water.

  • Treatment of Beer and Milk

Natural Treatments for Dried and Abused Hair

We mentioned the properties of beer on hair added to those of milk that contains protein, softens hair and helps keep it soft make damaged hair recover its appearance at the least expected time. To achieve this wonderful effect we will use three tablespoons of beer, three tablespoons of milk and a container with atomizer, both ingredients are placed inside the container and applied from the root to the tips, leave to act for twenty minutes and remove with shampoo and abundant Water.

These natural treatments for hair They are completely safe and not aggressive to the scalp, they are easy to prepare in the comfort of your home and use them without restriction in the way you prefer. With these treatments you will see how in a short time you will recover your damaged and lifeless hair in a shiny and shining hair. I recommend you use them.

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Natural Treatments for Dried and Abused Hair

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