Natural treatments for hair with dandruff

Dandruff is a problem that many of us suffer, and not only is it unsightly, it is also annoying since the itching caused by dandruff is very irritating.

Luckily there are natural treatments so that it disappears and we can wear a healthy hair and without a trace of dandruff.

* However, stress and the use of dyes, is another factor that can cause dandruff.

Natural treatments for hair with dandruff

Home treatments for dandruff

  • A treatment that is very effective, is white vinegar , because it contains acetic acid, which prevents your scalp from having the proper environment to create the fungus of dandruff. For this you should pour a vinegar stream and mix it with three parts of water, apply it after washing with shampoo and then rinse with plenty of water.

Natural treatments for hair with dandruff

Natural treatments for hair with dandruff

You just have to heat a little of the oil until it is slightly warm and apply it massaging the scalp, cover with a towel and let it act for half to finally rinse it.

  • Another essential ingredient to combat dandruff is the lemon , you just have to have a little lemon juice and at the end of the normal hair wash apply it by giving small massages around the head.

Natural treatments for hair with dandruff

This will prevent the appearance of scales on the skin of our scalp.

Natural treatments for hair with dandruff

  • A very effective recipe is wash with apple cider vinegar, massaging gently and let it act for 20 minutes and rinse it with warm water, this treatment should be done two or three times a week.

Natural treatments for hair with dandruff

  • A home remedy, which is very easy to prepare and that gives very good results is the preparation of apple, rosemary and mint vinegar.

To make this recipe you need:

A liter of apple cider vinegar, some rosemary branches and some mint branches.

Then, place the apple vinegar in a bottle with a lid, add the two branches and close it, placing it at room temperature.

After about twenty days, it is strained and resealed. When a day or two has passed, a massage should be done on the entire scalp, leaving it to act for twenty minutes and then wash the hair normally.

  • An infusion, that can help you to improve the problems you have with dandruff, is to filter dandelions. This drink should be taken three times a day, until you can see the results.

Natural treatments for hair with dandruff

  • To avoid excess fat on the scalp , you could cook a bunch of cypress branches in a liter of water. When this remedy has cooled, you should apply it to all the hair with gentle massages, but first you should wash your hair as usual.

Natural treatments for hair with dandruff
* Finally, we must all take care of our hair, with a good diet , it is said that the sweet potato offers a unique shine to the hair, and of course not neglect the toilet that must be daily, to avoid excess fat.

  • Remember that if you are stressed you can also suffer from home , so try to find a moment to relax and forget all the problems you have, only you are able to find your balance and you can get a healthy body and because not a better hair which you can boast.

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Natural treatments for hair with dandruff

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