Natural Treatments for Maltreated Hair

Many times when we look in the mirror or try to get ready to go outside, we do not realize that our hair is badly damaged and we need to treatments that are natural and that improve that aspect. Moreover, many times you spend a lot of money just in treatment and all are expensive that instead of improving your hair what you do is to mistreat it much more and instead of getting results, you only spend money and more money.

Natural Treatments for Maltreated Hair

In this article we will teach you how to make you very natural treatments to improve any damage of your hair, we will also teach you how to do it naturally, all the preparation and the ingredients that are required, but before starting to give you some treatments we will give you some recommendations before doing some hair treatments.

Recommendations before doing some hair treatments

  • Before starting to do each of the treatments that we will give you, then what we do is take care of your hair, to do it you have to take care of the weather, exposing yourself a lot to the sun can make your hair sponge and mistreat your hair.
    Natural Treatments for Maltreated Hair
  • Remember that washing your hair with a lot of shampoo that you have chemicals make your hair more and more mistreated due to the chemicals that have the articles of toilets for the hair, also many times you use any type of shampoo, without any medical indication, because contract some allergies to your hair.
  • You also have to keep in mind that you should not have wet hair, this apart from making your hair smell ugly, it hurts a lot, it is also not advisable to go to bed with wet hair.
  • If you use some caps for your hair constantly, then what you will do is that your hair will be spoiled over time much more.

Some treatments for hair

Treatments through mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is one of the very good elements for hair. The hair often lacks hydration and becomes dry and spongy, and one of the ingredients that can make your hair look much more hydrated is mayonnaise, this natural product gives you back all the moisture you need to have a shiny hair. hydrous.

Natural Treatments for Maltreated Hair

Some ingredients that accompany mayonnaise

Mayonnaise. This is the main ingredient to make the hair mask.

Olive oil. This other ingredient is essential to accompany the mayonnaise will give you much more hydration.

Natural Treatments for Maltreated Hair

Some capsules or tabs of vitamin E. Vitamin E, will revitalize your hair and exposing yourself to the sun will be an ideal complement to improve your hair.

Castor oil. Finally we have this ingredient that is rich in many essential fatty acids, which improve the quality of your hair and reduces the fragility of the hair.

Preparation of the mask

First you have to use the amount needed to make the mask. What you use will depend on the volume of hair you have. You have to mix all the ingredients very well, let it rest for at least 15 minutes.

Apply the treatment

You have to apply it before going to the shower. Remember to apply on all your hair evenly, from the root to the tips. You have to rest about 30 minutes, then go to the shower and play with plenty of water, you should use the shampoo without chemicals and of your preference, you will have very beautiful hair.

Hair treatments based on aloe vera

One of the natural plants for hair and that can transform that dehydrated hair for another with much more life. It is also known as penca aloe, which you can now find in shampoo and other products, what it does in the hair is phenomenal, your hair will grow much healthier, smoother and full of life.

Natural Treatments for Maltreated Hair

Ingredients that accompany aloe vera

Aloe vera. This is the main ingredient that you will use to make the mask.

Some tablespoons of beer. The beer, containing malt, barley and hops, strengthens hair cells very much and makes you have very shiny hair and a lot of softness.

Natural Treatments for Maltreated Hair

Olive oil. In the same way olive oil contains many properties and like the previous mask, it also contains this fundamental ingredient.

Preparation of the treatment

Start with crushing the aloe vera, you have to do it very well, until you feel like a gel, then you should add the beer, preferably only about three teaspoons, in the same way olive oil, you should let it sit for 20 minutes.

Natural Treatments for Maltreated Hair

Apply the mask

This treatment you have to apply for at least 4 times a month, ie once a week, you have to apply to all the hair, then put on a cap so that all the nutrients of the ingredients begin to act.

Natural Treatments for Maltreated Hair

You have to rest about 45 minutes, then wash your hair, first with hot water, then you must rinse with cold water, remember to use the shampoo of your choice, no doubt you will have much more beautiful and shiny hair.

Natural Treatments for Maltreated Hair

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