Oil for tips of hair, reviews

Over time, even healthy hair is subjected to mechanical damage. Most often this occurs in the winter season, when the hair becomes dry and brittle. Summer hair suffers from sunlight and quickly lose moisture. As a result, the hair begins to split and become thin.

It is simply impossible to cure such a process, but it can be prevented by using oil for the tips of hair, which we will talk about today!
The first thing you should pay attention to is the proper hair care. Dry hair needs nutritious masks, based on natural oils, as well as in regular hair cutting (1 time in 2-3 months). Let’s talk about which oils are suitable for the tips of hair, and also discuss how to properly care for your hair with natural oils.

Coconut oil for the tips of hair

We have heard about the useful properties of coconut oil for a long time. However, few people know that coconut oil deeply nourishes the hair, moisturizes them and promotes rapid growth.
Quick help – apply to the tips of hair hot Coconut oil . This procedure promotes deep moisturizing of hair, since hot oil penetrates more deeply into the hair. Coconut oil can be used as a daily therapy, creating from it oil for hair in the form of a spray. The spray effectively moisturizes the hair and at the same time does not burden them. Coconut oil has a unique composition, it is the best tool for softening and moisturizing the hair. For the tips of hair, it is recommended to mix coconut oil with dimethicone and thermal water. This will create an effective hair spray, which is suitable for everyday use. Coconut oil also protects the hair from the harmful effects of UV rays, and therefore useful in the summer.

The best oil is Cococare, 100% Coconut Oil.

Oil for tips of hair, reviews

Jojoba oil for the tips of hair

It is difficult to overestimate the benefits jojoba oil for health of hair. In addition to being rich in vitamins, jojoba oil is also an excellent hair moisturizer. The thing is that the structure of jojoba oil is very similar to that of the human body. So jojoba oil allows you to create a barrier film around the hair, while not heavening the hair. Jojoba oil is very light, quickly absorbed and does not leave greasy marks. However, it is a good moisturizer and already in the first week of use it helps to solve the problem of dry hair. Jojoba oil is considered valuable, because in its composition the jojoba protein resembles collagen. Therefore, this oil is so useful for eliminating the dryness of hair and stimulating their growth. However, jojoba oil contains a high percentage of vitamin E. For effective moisturizing, experts recommend using jojoba oil in a warm form for therapy.

The best oil is Cococare, Jojoba Oil.

Oil for tips of hair, reviews

Cocoa butter for tips of hair

Cacao butter – A natural moisturizer that contains vitamins and minerals useful for the health of hair. Cocoa butter promotes rapid hair growth and is an excellent moisturizer. Like coconut oil, cocoa butter perfectly protects hair from sunlight, and also promotes skin regeneration. Due to the high content of acids in the composition (oleic acid – up to 40%), cocoa butter has a tonic effect on the skin. Today, cocoa butter is increasingly used to accelerate the growth of hair in pairs with active essential oils. To moisturize the ends of the hair, cocoa butter should be preheated to a hot state, and then used as a mask for the hair.

Grape seed oil for tips of hair

Grape seed oil is affordable and has a light texture, thanks to which it is quickly absorbed into the skin and hair, and is also a natural moisturizer. Grape seed oil perfectly maintains balance, and also has useful properties for hair growth. Its composition includes many acids, including oleic, palmitic and linoleic, stearic fatty acids. Thanks to this grape seed oil is not rarely called a natural hair restorer. In a small amount, grape seed oil can be applied to the tips of the hair daily. At the same time, it does not burden the hair and does not pollute them, so most vegetable oils. It can be used in both warm and cold conditions.
An excellent means for moisturizing the hair is grape seed oil paired with vitamin E. This means you can create a deep moisturizing of the hair, which will prevent dryness and cross-section of the ends of the hair. This oil is available in the form of a spray, which is quite convenient, considering that this is a universal tool for moisturizing your hair for every day!

The oil for the ends of the hair should fulfill the main function – to moisturize and nourish the hair, but not to burden them. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of therapy based on moistening with oils.

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Oil for tips of hair, reviews

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