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Cutting the square with the back of the head Suitable for women with thick, straight hair.

To perform the haircut, you need straight and thinning scissors. Before beginning the haircut, you must moisten the hair. In order to prevent hair from interfering, the hair is pierced above the horizontal part, made from ear to ear.

Begin a haircut from the back of the head, while cutting hair from the comb, or strand behind the strand. In the first case, the comb moves from the bottom up and holds it horizontally. In the second case, the hair is separated by vertical fences and cut at an acute angle to the head. Pull hair 90 degrees, the length of strands on top should be two to three centimeters, and below – one centimeter.

Open-end carapace

square with an open back

Immediate execution square with an open back begin with the selection of a strand one centimeter wide by horizontal parting at the level of the upper part of the ears. The level of the cut of this strand will determine the line of the square. After that, comb the temporal strands and continue the smooth line. Finish the cut with a fringing and filirovkoy.

Open-end carapace

square with an open back

When cutting, the scissors are held up parallel to the hair. It must be done from all sides.

Stacking “Kare” can be done differently, depending on the surrounding situation and the time of year. To make the packing, you need gel, foam and varnish. Penka will make even a small amount of hair a magnificent hairdo.

  • Classic quads

Round the comb we wrap the ends of the strands inward, separate the bangs from the main hair and comb them back. We will form a bang and fix it with varnish. The main part of the hair is divided into two parts: a small part in the parietal region and the rest of the hair mass. We do strands of strands in any part and stack them in a small roller, fastening with invisible or hairpin.

Divide the hair into an oblique parting and dry it with a warm air stream. Raise the comb of the occipital strands for a rounded shape of the hair. We use a small amount of gel or foam, but do not fix the hair – they themselves will lie down, as they need.

It is possible to emphasize the beauty of a long bangs by dividing the hair with a straight parting, and let the large lock of the bang forward.

  • Evening version of the square

If you go to a party, then you can put your hair out of curly strands. We will twirl them on hair curlers and gently remove the bobbin, combing the locks with fingers from the roots to the tips. Then we do the same, but with the gel. Make an oblique parting, give your fingers a bang shape, fixing the hairdo with a varnish.

Looking for an idea for a new image?

Pay attention to the trendy hairstyle of Bob-kar, which is so popular this summer!

As you already guessed the word “quads” is of French origin. By itself, cutting the square, involves a medium-length hairstyle with a straight bangs. This hairstyle gained popularity in the 1920s, after the First World War.

Today, the haircut of the queen is significantly different from the original version, it has acquired mixed elements with a hairdo.

If before the car was fashionable to curl on both sides, then now the actual square with long strands and side bangs. Also in the fashion asymmetric square, which can be supplemented with unusual coloring. As for the bangs and parting, then everything you want is available here.

The Bob-kary hairstyle prefers to wear a lot of stars, among them: Keira Knightley, Eva Longoria, Rihanna, Victoria Beckham.

It is difficult to overestimate the practicality of this hairstyle, it is ideal for both everyday life and solemn events.

And do not forget to decorate a fashionable hairstyle with stylish hair accessories!

Among the modern variety of hairstyles, hairstyle is especially popular. It was fashionable back in ancient Egypt, but is in demand to this day .

Many of the shows of famous designers show different variations of this haircut, in addition, it is the most in demand in the salons of the world.

Cutting the square, has a lot of options – a double square or a standard, a haircut-ball or a “torn”, cascaded, even, the length of the hair also varies.

The popularity of this haircut is explained by the fact that, firstly, short hair is unpretentious in care, and secondly, the cut is characterized by some negligence, lightness that adds to its charm. Thirdly, such a haircut is suitable for very many women, since the haircut is performed in many different ways and for each shape of the face the necessary form of hair and hair length is selected.

A square is not just a type of haircut, it’s a large number of options. However, there are certain recommendations, thanks to which, you can choose the best option.

  • square foot

If you have a slim figure, a long neck, and also delicate features, you will get a very short haircut. Kare on the leg – how to make this haircut, every hairdresser knows – the hair is attached to the back of the head, by severely cutting them from behind.

If you have so-called porcelain skin, a light short square will suit you, because blond hair perfectly blends with the milky shade of the skin. With swarthy skin or olive skin, look at your stylish dark square with a bang. A dark shade of hair will perfectly accentuate the color of your skin.

  • haircut “bob”

With a slightly elongated form of the face, you need to visually smooth the shape of the face and slightly reduce the forehead – this will help you to cut the bean curry. A thick bang will visually give the face an ideal shape. Bob also means different variations – it’s a haircut to the shoulders or short, if desired. Today, naturalness is in vogue, the “bean” with a clear geometric shape is gradually disappearing into the past, so you should pay attention to the feminine version of the hairstyle.

Open-end carapace

Open-end carapace

The dynamism of the hairstyle, the slight carelessness of the locks, the volume and the airiness – that’s what you need. Bob looks great on any type of hair: straight hair poured wavy strands – this haircut always looks spectacular.

  • graduated square

With large features of the face and a heavy chin, you will need a graduated square. It will make the features more elegant and feminine. In addition, such a hairstyle allows women to look younger than their years.

  • elongated square

If you want to hide a short neck – you need to look at the elongated square. The plus is that this haircut is also suitable for all types of hair. When you perform a graded square, your hair is trimmed on the steps. Grooming is universal and convenient in care, and the errors of the master are not so visible. You can stack your hair every day and experiment with your hair.

  • square with elongated locks

If you have a round oval face, then the beautiful hair will be a square with long strands. Long hair, framing a round face, will make it more delicate and elegant. Such a haircut can hide too sharp cheekbones, sharp chin.

  • long square

If you want a dynamic, bright image, you will need a long oblique oblique, with impertinent ragged locks. Such a haircut is very convenient, you will understand this in the process of leaving – it is possible to do various laying, vary the volume of the hairdo, experiment with strands.

You can change the image in the direction of femininity and softness by stitching the cascade, make the strands smooth and shiny, using special styling tools.

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