“Quick” hair mask: recovery and nutrition

Natural hair is a beautiful gift of nature. But he does not get to every woman.

"Quick" hair mask: recovery and nutrition  And all those girls who dream about the color of “blond” or saturated black, but who do not have it from birth, it remains to resort to coloring.

After the procedure of clarification, the curls are partially or completely damaged – they begin to fall out and sechsya, acquire increased brittleness, become rigid and unruly.

However, all described “horror stories” do not threaten the hair, which provides a careful and proper care after blonding, toning and other chemical staining procedures.

One of the most effective ways to maintain health and brilliant shade of hair is natural masks.

It is more convenient and cheaper to apply them independently, by preparing the necessary compositions from improvised ingredients.

Mask with shea Butter

To create this mask, you need 1 tsp shea butter, 2 egg yolks, 1 tbsp. lemon juice. Mix all the ingredients, apply the mask on the hair, leave it for 10 minutes, rinse with water and shampoo. The mask nourishes the hair and accelerates growth.

Honey mask

Nourishes dry and brittle hair, restores their healthy structure, imparts tenderness and softness , as well as a beautiful honey-golden hue.

How to do: warm 60-80 grams of flower honey on a water bath. And separately in a saucepan to brew a handful of flowers of chemist’s chamomile, then let it brew for about 20 minutes. In a warm honey pour in the same warm chamomile broth and, mixing and at the request of thickening with oat flour, apply a ready mask on the hair. The head is better tightly wrapped – for example, with a towel. In this form, it will take half an hour, no less. And then wash the curls in the shower using a softening shampoo.

Nourishing Mask

It requires: slightly overripe banana (1 pc), chicken egg (1 pc), thick honey (1 table l), fresh sour cream or curdled milk (2 tablespoons), olive or linseed oil (1 table.l .). Components can be put in the kitchen processor and mixed in it. The prepared composition should be rubbed into the root part of the curls, but necessarily in a warm form. Therefore, the mixture is preheated in advance using the “water bath” method or microwave oven. Apply for 40 minutes, holding under a hat and a handkerchief.

This mask is a super-dressing for damaged, tarnished and split tresses. It revitalizes their color and shine, saturates with all important nutritious elements for the hair.

Mask from fermented milk products

Especially good for clarified hair , which have become excessively dry and stiff after staining.

For the composition will need: kefir medium fat or natural yogurt (preferably home-made) and whey (casein or curd – it is more useful). The products are taken in an equal volume – say, 150 ml each – mixed and not thickening, plentifully “watered” the head, rubbing in the skin and hair in passing. About half an hour is kept under a polyethylene cap and washed thoroughly under a warm shower.

Mask for hair growth

For this composition, prepare pure rum (or cognac) – 150 ml, 1 medium lemon and 1 egg. Chop the lemon zest and chop, squeeze the juice from the pulp – mix. Add the alcohol to the citrus components and beat the egg yolk. Well smiksue – and on the head of hear. Keep the mask for no longer than fifteen minutes, rinse without the use of detergents.

Banana mask

A popular tropical fruit enriches hair with vitamins and moisture, softens and restores along the entire length, significantly strengthens.

How to do: cut one banana with slices and mash with a fork or grind in a combine. From the egg, separate the yolk and mix it with the banana mass. The yellow-banana mixture is rubbed into clean damp hair, paying special attention to the roots and tips. Cover your head with a film, wrap your handkerchief on top, like at least 45 minutes. Wash off as usual.

Mask with avocado

This delicious mask is an express recovery for weakened hair. Beautiful shine, soft silk, docility and smoothness curls provide this composition:
• 1 ripe avocado,
• 20 ml of lemon juice,
• a couple tablespoons of olive or simple lean oil.

The exotic fruit is cleaned. After removing the stone, grind the blender. In the fragrant purée add other ingredients, stirring to homogeneity. The mask is applied in the usual way, again the hair is hidden under the bag and towel, the procedure takes 1 hour by the time. Rinse your head with warm water, without using shampoo.

To these wonderful masks, which are recommended to be done at least once in 7 days, you can connect useful rinses with infusions of some herbs and flowers – chamomile, sage, heather, birch leaves and others.

As an additional strengthening agent, it is advised to use burdock, castor, linseed and nut oils. After such care, clarified hair will always be an example of luxury and health.

"Quick" hair mask: recovery and nutrition

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