Secrets of an ideal styling, which are silent on hairdressers

To achieve a beautiful styling, it is not necessary to go to the salon. Nevertheless, not every girl gets to properly put hair at home so that the hair to the hair.

It turns out that hairdressers and stylists have their secrets for perfect styling and shiny hair, which they do not really like to spread about.

1. Attention to the tips. Usually when washing hair in the salon, the hairdresser uses an air conditioner after the shampoo. Only not everyone knows that the conditioner or balm are applied only on 2/3 lengths of hair.

2. Professional cosmetics – another trick of hairdressers. To achieve the same effect “as in the salon,” using the house to withdraw funds from the masses of the market can not. To make the salon shine, and the hair began to look healthy and silky, you can use cosmetics bought in specialized stores. Now it’s available.

Secrets of an ideal styling, which are silent on hairdressers  3. For laying, many use invisibility and hairpins. But not everyone knows how to use hairpins correctly. That hairpins well kept on hair, them for a couple of minutes before use spray lacquer.
Invisible almost all women are stuck wrong: wavy side up. And correctly to pin up on the contrary, collecting from below a hair wavy side. The straight side of the invisibility must be on top of the hairstyle.

4. Prolonged radical volume on the hair can be achieved most, if you use a home hair dryer with a diffuser, lifting hair when drying from the roots.
Another way is to wind the slightly damp strands near the roots to large curlers and dry them with a hair dryer.

The third way is to tilt your head forward and dry your hair with a hair dryer from the back of your neck. In all three cases, you can strengthen the created volume with a varnish, sprinkling them quite a bit just the radical zone of the spine on the nape.

How to protect hair from the sun?

At first glance, the sun’s rays do not threaten us with serious diseases and burns. However, the sun definitely “does not like” our hair, it deprives them of color and moisture.
You will be surprised, but sometimes the sun makes the hair burn out to amazing shades: brown, yellow and even green.

In addition, ultraviolet rays and salt destroy the roots of the hair. To avoid the harmful effects of the sun, use shampoos and sprays with a high content of SPF filters. In addition, shampoo for the summer season should always contain protection from chlorinated water, salt and other harmful substances.

After a long stay in the sun and contact with salt water, rinse hair with a special shampoo and use a mask to restore hair. Secrets of an ideal styling, which are silent on hairdressers

In summer, cosmetologists recommend the use of dry hair oil, it is also called “clothing for the hair.” This oil allows you to keep your hair healthy, thanks to its moisturizing and sunscreen products.

Besides hair oil contains vitamins and minerals, moisturizing supplements that create hydrolysed film.
Particular attention should be paid to the scalp. In summer, the skin is particularly in need of care, because the sun is seriously overdrying it, which leads to dandruff.
To avoid this, pay attention to shampoos with a high content of salicylic acid. It will help to cope with overtime work, moisturize the skin and protect it from harmful bacteria.

Remember: completely neutralize the effect of ultraviolet radiation is impossible, so be sure to take with you to the resort a couple of fashionable hats!

Secrets of an ideal styling, which are silent on hairdressers

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