Youth haircuts for girls: modern images

If the fashion for haircuts were not cyclical, we would not return with each new season to the old trends. Modern haircuts, of course, received their unique notes. However, they still have an old basis.

Models of haircuts do not change, rather stylists and fashion designers-hairdressers supplement them with their unique notes. However, there are bright trends, which become unconditional after a couple of months after its inception. Take at least the haircuts with a shaven temple, which became more unusual and stylish! Today we will talk about how to create an image of a bright modern fashionista, and also what youth haircuts will be relevant this year. Join now!
Modern youth haircuts for girls are marked by radical options. For those who want to stand out from the crowd of the master offer original haircuts with shaved temples. This hairstyle looks pretty radical, but its popularity is very large among the youth segment. Haircuts with shaved temples are good because they can be modeled the way they like. For example, create a shaved area with only one side or with two.

Youth haircuts for girls: modern images

Wear haircuts with a shaven head or shaved patterns. In any case, such hairstyles are very popular today. In particular, many hairdressers recommend wearing them paired with long hair. This contrast looks very harmonious.

Asymmetric haircuts

Youth haircuts for girls can be divided into two types: classical and asymmetric. Modern hairdressers form the image in accordance with the wishes of the client. However, we should not forget that the asymmetry in the hairstyle is able to completely or partially change the image. In particular, today more and more girls prefer to create stylish asymmetrical haircuts, which are popular due to the simplicity of styling and various styles. Asymmetry involves elongated strands of hair or an oblique bangs for example. Asymmetric haircuts create on the basis of model hairstyles, such as quads, beans, pages, etc. At the same time, we should not forget that asymmetrical haircuts can correct the shape of the face.
Most modern designers are inclined to believe that this year’s fashion is simple and natural hairstyles.

Youth haircuts for girls: modern images

This means that fast hair styles that we can create in just a few minutes are relevant. To be more precise, easy and simple laying, which requires minimum effort. Well, we’ll consider the most trendy hairstyles this year and talk about the actual haircuts of 2012.

• Hairdo hair style

If you are looking for an original hair styling , which is ideal for daily use, pay attention to the trendy braids. Today, the spit-basket, which is gathered in a circle, is especially popular. In fashion, as well as voluminous braids in the Greek style, a braid fish tail and spit-spikelet. Collecting braids is fashionable in pair with a silk ribbon.

Youth haircuts for girls: modern images

• Hairstyle bun

The hairstyle in the modern interpretation means volume and additional accessories. If you want your hair look flawless, complement it with a small flower or a hoop.
• Hairstyle Knot
Hairstyle is created on the basis of the tail. In this case, the hairdresser first collects the hair in the tail, and then forms a knot of hair from it. Hairstyle is good because it does not require additional accessories.

Youth haircuts for girls: modern images

• French twist hairstyles

Hairstyle “French twist” becomes the trend of the season. It is fashionable to create a twist in the form of a shell, and also pick up the hair below, forming a circular bundle. In fact, this fashionable hairstyle looks perfect with silk hoops and vintage hairpins.

• Hairstyle curls

What hairstyles will be fashionable this year? Any stylist you will immediately answer – curls. This is a smart styling that does not require presentation. Curly hair, small curls, chemistry, voluminous curls – it’s all in vogue!
Youth haircuts for girls: modern images

• Cutting the square with elongated locks

Cutting quads will be relevant in the new season. Due to its popularity, it has won many admirers. This year, it is fashionable to create asymmetrical quads with elongated strands.

• Haircut bean

The hairstyle of a bean or as it is also called a “pot” is again at the height of popularity. This year, the fashion includes an ultrashort haircut with a bob with a bangs.

Youth haircuts for girls: modern images

• Haircut cascade

Among all existing haircuts, the cascade is the most popular. Based on the haircuts cascade, you can create the most incredible hair styling, including curls.
The latest trend of the new year was hair coloring. Do not miss the fashion trend!

Podium model hairstyles and haircuts are represented by a wide variety of braids. So, the most popular hairdress among the braids was laying the “basket”, which assumes a circular weaving of hair. In the quality of the basis can be used spit-spikelet.

Another popular hairstyle of the new season is the fashionable laying of curls. In 2012 it is fashionable to create three-dimensional curls, as well as small curls. By the way, in the fashion includes a chemical wave of hair!

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Youth haircuts for girls: modern images

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